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Standing With IDPs

Ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan Agency against Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and its subgroups having foreigners who are involved in terror activities inside Pakistan. Collateral damage and destruction is a share of every War, but the Pakistan Air Force is just doing targeted based Air Strikes to ensure no killings of civilians.

Around 500K IDPs moved to Bannu & Other settled cities of KPK. IDP camps were established by Pakistan Army so that our Pashtun brothers & sisters can live over there. Food distribution & donation points have been made where IDPs are receiving money and food. Provincial governments, Federal government & Pak Army are trying level best to provide them better facilities like medical, etc. Teams of Army & civil doctors serving IDPs already.

As nation stood for this operation must stand for the IDPs as well. Media Channels should also do some TV programs same like they did during Swat & Bajaur Operations. By giving a proper time on TV channels to the IDPs campaign, we can deal with this issue in a good way. There should be a proper media campaign for IDPs so that our youth can come forward to work on volunteer basis. The public should donate generously so that our brothers & sisters living in IDP Camps may think that leaving home for the betterment of Pakistan was a good decision. Pak Army should take some steps about the polio and other Vaccinations. Unity shown by Pakistanis on ZarBeAzb should also be in the case of IDPs.

Political leadership should also frequently visit the camps so that people may think that they are also taking part in solving their issues. Media should not ignore or divert the attention of people from this by engaging them in other irrelevant issues like the yearly So-called People’s revolution. It’s time to prove that we are united on this & praying for the success of this operation so that people can live peacefully without any fear.

The movement of the huge number of IDPs shows one thing that nobody wants to live with this terrorism, everybody wants to get rid of this problem as soon as possible and after the completion of this operation a full swing targeted operation in the cities of Pakistan is a need of time so that the subgroups of TTP like Lej, ASWJ etc can be eliminated from the Urban belt of Pakistan which are in sectarian killings.

This issue cannot be solved in a day or two so we have to show some patience and also to show some trust in our institutions which are working on this. May Allah give help us to get rid of this terrorism issue which is damaging the roots of our country.

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