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The Proletarian Uprising

Do not be mistaken, this is not an extension of Marxist ideology. Although Marx`s ideas were revolutionary and geared towards a revolution of the working class, but his theory on the economic revolution is impractical .

This article is about the revolution which is about to sweep away the bourgeois( Oppressive Elite Class ) of Pakistan. Since decades a system of oppression has been prevalent in Pakistan. A system which has increased the gap between the rich and poor, making class conflict inevitable. The system based on oppression, bribery and corruption acts as a base, which gives rise to a superstructure of tyranny, nepotism and despotism.
The only thing which was a hurdle in the path of this revolution of the masses was “Awakening of the Working Class”.

Many great intellectuals have voiced their concerns for a working class revolution, but their ideas have been limited to books and speeches because they have been unable to breath life and consciousness into the oppressed working class. Not this time, this time Dr. Qadri is armed with a potent weapon, something even more deadly than the Manhattan project!

What Dr. Qadri has done is that he has given the consciousness to the oppressed, to the working class – to the proletariat. The oppressed classes, for the first time now they are not just aware of their miserable state, but they have identified the common enemy. Dr. Qadri has broken the spell of rivalry and enmity against political parties, individuals and groups don`t matter, they themselves are a result of the system,if the system gets better, the results will get better too.

The real enemy is the Corrupt and diabolical system which has enslaved the masses, the system keeps the masses occupied in inflation, terrorism and non-issues thus effectively diffusing out any hope of a collective uprising.

Dr. Qadri has quoted again and again, that our struggle, our revolution and our war is not against any particular party or individual, our revolution, the Peoples Revolution is against this Corrupt system. If you take out an individual or a party, the system will replace it with another. But if you take out the entire system, the minions will vanish.
Collective uprising of the working classes is indeed a potent weapon, one which has always changed the course of history.

When the working classes revolted in ancient Egypt under the guidance of Prophet Moses [Peace be upon him] it resulted in an exodus and elimination of the Egyptian Empire. When the working classes revolted against the pagans of Makkah under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him] it resulted in a peaceful takeover of Makkah and the rise of the Golden age of Islam. In recent history when the working classes rose under the leadership of Chairman Mao, we saw China being transformed into a force to be reckoned with and finally when the oppressed rose in Iran, lead by Ayatollah Khomenei, who was directing the Iranian Uprising from Paris , we saw Iran transition from a Monarchy into a Republic.

Similarly by the will of Allah, the upcoming Peoples Revolution or as Dr. Qadri has titled it “The Awami Takeover” will result in a system change. The new system, which has already been designed will give the rights back to the people. The people will be empowered, the proletariat will get their rights and will no longer remain oppressed. This definitely is not a good news for the Oppressive Elite, a matter of life and death for them, but there is a day of reckoning for everyone.

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