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I don’t support TTP; and I don’t endorse NWA operation !!

There is a term in Arabic, ‘mafhoom-e-mukhalifa’, which is used to refer the other option in those cases where there are only two options available. For example, if someone fails an exam, it is obvious that he didn’t pass it and this doesn’t need to be mentioned explicitly.

I am quite surprised to notice that same ‘mafhoom-e-mukhalifa’ is being used widely by my fellow beings and media in connection with Waziristan Operation. If someone, like me, doesn’t support NWA operation, he is taken as TTP supporter for granted. Moving on, it is also declared that he has no sympathy for the victims of different terrorist attacks, including the one at Karachi International Airport. Rhetoric of being on CIA payroll to malign Pakistan Army is another dimension to all this bru ha ha. Being Anti-Pakistan, funded by RAW and sometimes, even MOSSAD (subjected to accuser’s obsession with Yahoodi Lobby), are some of the de-fecto features that are associated with vocal opponents of NWA operations. No discussion is welcomed and no rationale is appreciated; it is straight, plain and simple; it’s my way or high way!!

However, this is not true at all, I don’t support NWA operation at all and I have no sympathy with TTP either and I am quite sure, there are many more who hold same thought. Remember, Drone attacks are in place for more than a decade now and we have nourished a ‘Droned Generation’. With no room for independent journalism, we still have no idea about how many civilians have being killed, how many have been impaired and how many houses have been turned into pile of rubble. What have been done with the relatives of innocent civilians of ‘Droned Generation’? How many have been compensated for loss of their homes? And there are many more intriguing questions that still remained unanswered. Have you seen the photos of those involved in Karachi attack? They were mostly teenagers, and I won’t wonder if some of them have their parents snatched away from them in ‘Dronization’. How easy it would have been for anybody to use them for their wicked purpose by instigating one of the strongest emotions humans possess; the revenge.

Moreover, you have American CIA agents roaming around the country freely like nobody’s business. Multiple times, they have been caught photographing sensitive sites and multiple times, they have been released without raising eye-brow. Nobody still knows what Raymond Davis was up to in Pakistan? What Mr. Joel Cox was doing in our land when it has been clearly declared by Foreign Ministry that USA doesn’t have any agents on ground in Pakistan? Why USA is building fortress-like embassy with 250 housing units and massive staff surge including 350 marine soldiers? What if USA is using the youth of ‘Droned’ families to their advantage?

And, if all above mess is not enough, you have full scale military operation in North Waziristan. Just imagine, you are asked to leave your home and as option, you are provided with very few makeshift homes that lack basic necessities like water and sanitation. You don’t know when you will be able to come back and once you come back, whether your home will be there or not. We have more than 450,000 IDPs at hand with provincial ministers asking for measures to stop those entering different provinces of Pakistan. Many children have died of thirst and harsh weather while making their way on foot to Bannu Agency as there are not many vehicles available to transport such a huge population. International media is generally blocked to visit IDP camps and we are getting information chiefly from a single source, ISPR, and I don’t think I should waste any words about how much credible, accurate and trustworthy this institution is when it comes to passing on information about a live conflict zone

To feel the gravity of situation, statement from Muhmmad Niyaz, who had to flee Mir Ali to find some place safe, is more than enough. He said, ‘It would have been lot better if all Waziristan is bombed with atomic bombs. It would have solved the issue completely and govt. would have achieved her objectives.’

I am really terrified with the result of this operation, we have not created 450,000 IDPs (and counting); we have turned 450,000 loyal citizens in to angry, humiliated and disowned people. I don’t know how long it will take for their anger to turn into revenge, and that’s why I oppose this operation.

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