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Stop Playing Games Mr. Prime Minister!

When the political history of Pakistan would be written, Asif Ali Zardari would be known for his brinkmanship and Sharif and Company would be known for their self centered politics. Whilst in my view both have proved to be menace to our country. Unless getting a Free Lap Top defines the criterion of good governance.

I am sure that Sharif & Company would have heard the phrase “Once bitten twice shy”. But understanding it would be difficult for them as to who would be insane to bite them and the word “Shy” may not exist in their dictionary. Whatever said and done these are a group of individuals who are strong headed in whatever they want to achieve which in this case is self actualization but the problem is that they are wasting their energies in the wrong direction. In my earlier blogs on Main Nawaz Sharif ; I have hinted the same thought process which we see today where looks like that he is on a collision course with everyone else apart from himself.

Unless his advisers have lost it. It looks like that he and his family which are the actual rulers of this country as if they are our Kings ( before it was Bhutto Family) want to win an absolute battle over everyone else in the country to have an absolute rule for now and for their posterity. Though I still believe that these set of individuals have inspiring business minds looking at how they recovered post Gen Musharraf allowed them to leave the country under an agreement. But still in terms of politics ; their statesman ship is a gift of God which has not been rendered on them. It may be also because that they have identified so many enemies they would like to avenge and coming into power after so long. It’s a multifaceted approach due to impatience or fear of the inevitable of being again thrown out of their government due to these factors. Though Imran Khan has already raised a question mark over the elections on seats which mainly PMLN won to get an absolute majority. But still I feel that they know at the back of their mind that due to their way of rule. Soon we may witness a blowback. I am sure going to Adiala Jail at this age would not be easy as no one would broker any deal in the future for them looking at their track record on going back on their commitments.

All said and done. I cannot still believe in what happened outside Mr. Tahir ul Qadri’s offices in Lahore. Seriously, video clippings of unarmed women workers dying of gunshot wounds is haunting. More haunting is the back ground curses imparted on the rulers of the country which are Sharif brothers currently. I cannot believe that how can you allow attack and that too by bullets on women and old people. It’s shameful and shows the character in the government which is missing as the Chief Minister still sits on his chair.

Whilst we were digesting the incident; we found out that an MQM woman MNA was shot at and killed in what is said to be peaceful Lahore. Ironically, the government tried to portray it as a botched robbery attempt but witnesses say otherwise since she was identified before martyred. Worst thing is that in both incidents whilst all lives are important. It is maybe for the first time that Female Political activists have been targeted. I really salute the women in the province of Punjab where a Rape happens without check or persecution every two hours. They still step out in what they believe in leading from the front. Its really inspiring.

Than whilst this drama was not over. We see that as Geo’s ban is lifted. ARY is imposed with the similar level of ban and fines. Whilst in the case of former; it was accused of treason and blasphemy. The later was banned as Mr. Nawaz Sharif who promised Media Liberty in his dime a dozen speeches and commitments before elections wanted to avenge the channel for showing Shahbaz Sharif as a murderer for extra judicial killings by Mr. Lucman. Has he forgotten that in this day and age these actions would not contain the news anyways? In his free laptop distribution speech on our taxes to his supporters in Islamabad. He has fore warned the action against media apart from threatening softly his political allies. Now is he bringing GEO at par with ARY since the later is pro Army and has shown its patriotism at all times. Maybe he is indirectly taking out his grudge. The question is why?

Many rumors circulates now a days. About a Helicopter carrying a top ranking Pakistan Army official landing at Prime Minister House post Gen Pervez Musharraf was indicted unrightly to confront the motive. Also, we are hearing that our patriotic soldiers who are sick and tired of this government’s indecisiveness on Taliban issue and may be apparent closeness took action after seeing the havoc at Karachi Airport. If we all remember that the first call PM made was not to Chief of the Army Staff but DG Rangers and yet we saw how our Army Commandos and soldiers took charge. Only God knows with or without orders from the civilian government. Either ways it’s good that they came for the rescue. Now, we are also hearing that maybe and again I repeat maybe our Army has commenced operation against Talibans in North Waziristan and only informed the government who might as well may have been informed in the media of the offensive. Again maybe our dear Army thought that if they tell the government their operational details. They may lose the advantage as I am sure they know the character of this government of PMLN and PTI in KPK who are indebted to Talibans for getting elected respectively and may divulge information to their allies. Again, in my view a right move.

So Sharif and Company’s hunger do not finish as they also launched an offensive against MQM chief Altaf Hussein in London by conspiring or maybe misleading authorities over there. This in my view could have been done to keep our Army on the back foot knowing the significance of such an action and its repercussions on the largest city of Pakistan i.e. Karachi which even after their birth wish is not losing its significance as a key city economically for Pakistan. When they saw that their tricks or conspiracies didn’t work over their they then trained their guns on Pakistan Awami Tehreek in Lahore though Mr. Sharif has shown his desire in the Laptop event speech to conduct an operation in Karachi like 1992 (indirectly). Maybe that could be his next maneuver to ease of pressure on KPK operation.

So media, opposition, army and establishment is all at their gun point. What good it achieves for the nation is yet to be seen. The sense of deprivation in smaller provinces is increasing by leaps and bounds whilst a few cities or areas are getting all the privileges. I think Mr. Sharif’s games is yet again taking him into a cul de sac . Built by his own policies, character and ego . Whereas he could use his financial acumen & can focus on building Pakistan strongly. He just want to settle scores. The vanishing act of Ch. Nisar is speaking a lot where he is close confidant who is missing in action. His past allies like Dr. Tahir ul Qadri and Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed have both raised a question not forgetting the Chaudhary brothers that Mr. Sharif owes loyalty to no one but his own ego and that’s it at any cost. The polite reply by Mr. Modi; the newly elected Prime Minister of India is also a conscious response since he would not like Mr. Sharif to use any anti India sentiment as a point to rebuild his credibility where though he talks about Kashmir so much and choose not to meet and Hurriyat Leaders in India and instead met Steel Tycoons for his own good businesses I suppose.

Anyways, these games which he is playing to get absolute control is ringing a lot of alarm bells for the country. His ego has become his manifest where he could have set it aside by going easy on opponents and media criticism . Backing it by his performance. Supported Army to wipe out Taliban instead of making them look weak by pursuing negotiation with a wily enemy and letting former President Gen Pervez Musharraf having a fair trial not out of vengeance. He could have taken Karachi operation seriously instead of persecuting only MQM instead of Talibans and we all could have been saved from the disgrace of the attack on our largest airport. Unless its intentional out of his hatred towards his Karachi or incompetence . Only time would tell.

Let’s see how long his games goes. He likes referring to cricket a lot. He should be reminded that even Test matches have limited time period . He also rides in the same boat unless he can extend his chances by winning hearts and minds by brinkmanship instead of treachery and coercion.

In the end, I just hope that our dear Pakistan Army win the battle against Talibans at minimal casualties at the earliest and put Pakistan back on the track. In terms of Law and Order and if possible Politically (if required). Pakistan Zindabad!

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