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A Message to Khadim-a-Aala

Khadim-a-Aala saab, the events which unfolded on 17 June 2014, left a heart wrenching and abhorrent mark in the hearts and minds of ‘Lahoris’. No longer are you our proud Khadim but you have become a cowardly Zalim.

I remember the times when the people stood by you and applauded your swift and awaami style of leadership. No matter what ones differences with PML-N, surely your way of governance was appreciated by most in the country. You were perhaps the man even the most helpless and impoverished person relied on during their time of need, what a shame that you had to lose this trust in such a pitiful manner.

No ego should be too large that it is must satisfied by the blood of innocent and helpless people. The actions of the Punjab Police on this sad day have stunned the entire population of Pakistan. Are we supposed to watch out from criminals or from the people who are supposed to protect us? What constitutes a criminal? A person who damages property? A person who loots shops? A person who beats and shoots at unarmed civilians? How strange is it that the police could not defend an innocent woman outside the Lahore High Court yet was acting swiftly and happily to instill fear in the populace? I don’t know who to be afraid of anymore.

The operation at Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri’s residence started at 2 AM. Before you came up to present yourself with a judicial enquiry, eight people died, two of them women. Over 90 people were injured, the situation at a major hospital was intense and the whole city was struck with fear. How convenient is it if you were unaware, how shamefully convenient I must say. However, prior claims of working 16 hours day seem rather odd. I would say any man who saw the brutality and barbarianism of the Punjab Police would try to stop them if he could, are you implying that you could not?

All this seems so shallow, it is such a big mess and for what? This was your chance, the whole country stood by you. There was real political consensus maybe for the first time in many years, we were hoping to get rid of terrorism and put an end to more funerals of innocents, yet the funerals have remained the same, however the attackers have changed. I doubt this government will ever get a chance to bring all political parties on board again.

Was all this trouble taken for the due arrival of a Canadian citizen who could not gather more than a few thousands during the last time he came? Perhaps democracy in Pakistan has not moved forward but gone back to the 90s when political victimization was rife. How stupid we must be to assume that people learn from their mistakes.

A humble request to Mian Shahbaz Sharif. I know you it is futile to ask you to resign but I hope you can entertain a small request from a common citizen. In the future, please refrain from quoting Habib Jalib in your political jalsas, his name was misused many times during his life, let us leave him in peace after his passing.

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