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Friendship – A Must Ingredient for a Blockbuster Flick

“My friends are my estate.”-Emily Dickinson

Friendship day is celebrated worldwide and people look forward to this day. Whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood or Lollywood all have given their contributions towards it. There are a top few Hollywood and Bollywood movies that come to our mind when one thinks about friendship and they are:

Kuch KuchHota Hai-about three friends and the love triangle that they create, no matter what happens their friendship stays in place and things rotate around it.

3 Idiots- the movie that every student can relate to gives us the message to follow our dreams and fulfill them.

John Tucker Must Die- firends are there with us in any case no matter its happiness, sadness or anger. This movie is about girls who bring down the  serial cheater and watch him get his heart broken.

My Best Friend’s Wedding- friends do get jealous of eachother but its the understanding that counts and helps you over come the neagtive feelings.

Mean Girls- girl world has a lot of problems and this movie shows us how to get it and how to deal with it.

Clueless- the movie is about a popular girl who spends her days playing matchmaker, helping friends with fashion choices, advising the new girl at school on a makeover and much more.

Bring It On- the cheerleading squad that works and also clashes with eachother at the same time but yet they are toagther like a group and compete at the year’s championships.

New York- a taxi driver who is detained on suspicion of being a terroist. These three friends face the situation together and support eachother.

Dil Chahta Hai- the film is about three friends and about their individual relationships and the effect that these relationships have on them.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- three friends who decide to turn their fantasy vacation into reality after one of them get engaged.

Sholay- after the family is murdered a former police officier enlists the service of outlaws to capture him.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na- two best friends being convinced that they are not in love and serach for each other’s love.

Bend It Like Beckham- the girl rebels against her parents and runs away to Germany with a football team while her friend was in the team who supported her yet bought her to the right path.

Friends With Benefits- the movie shows us that the act of getting physical with your friends can lead to complications.

Monte Carlo- three young friends vactioning in Paris and find themselves away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British Heiress.

Lollywood has equally shown their contribution in this regard and the evergreen Nazia Hasan’s friendship song ‘Teri Meri Aisi Dosti’ is the golden song and people still hum the tunes when they think about the singer along with her other famous song like ‘Disco Deewane’. ‘Dosti’ by Jawad Ahmed is similarly one of the Pakistani friendship songs as well that would melt one’s heart after listening to it.

Our popular stars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have also recently let gone all their grudges and shoke hands with eachother so this might lead them to become friends again. This is the best example for the enemies to forget all the bitterness and become friends once more as life is too short to make haters for oneself. Make this day special and make your friends realize that they are important and that you take care of them.

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