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Operation Zarb-e-Azb – Time to ‘unconditionally’ support our Troops

We had given peace a chance. We had waited to see if ‘peace talks’ with the murderers of civilians and armed forces could work and the lives of innocent people could be spared. But when nothing worked and the biggest city of the country faced one of the deadliest attacks at the old Karachi Airport, the patience could not be kept intact for longer. And hence, the much awaited operation against TTP has finally been launched; the name being ‘Operation Zarb-e-Azb’ i.e. Sharp & Cutting.  The word ‘Azb’ refers to the sword of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) that he used in two famous holy wars; Ghazwa-e-Badr and Ghazwa-e-Uhud against the Kuffaar.

This very reference the name of this operation provides is enough for us to believe that this rightful operation shall eventually turn out to be successful with Divine help. Because the intention is right and shall rightfully work in favor of the motherland.

Now is the time to show all-out support for this operation and our armed forces. Though late, but the government has finally taken the right decision to get rid of the cancer of terrorism and root it out using force.  The need of the hour is to unite in support of this operation which is very important to raise the morale of our army men who are there at the battlefield on their duties to protect the country. There is no point of crying over the ‘collateral damage’ fears since the IDP camps have been set up along with transportation facilities. Moreover, with all these things in place, still a chance is been given to those who are ready to surrender and quit violence to give up their arms at surrender points established by the army which means still there is mercy for those who are willing to leave behind their ill-intentions and ill-doings. Therefore, it is a well-planned operation.

We must also remember here how successfully Operation Rah-e-Nijat in the valley of Swat was conducted by our forces. At that time also, IDPs were taken care of well and were later rehabilitated by the same forces.

We have had more than enough of the atrocities and terrorism in our country in the name of the implementation of Shariah which is based on the religion of Islam, the religion of peace which clearly states:

There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion” – Surah Al-Baqra, Verse # 256

Come to think of it; Islam already prohibits committing suicide. How could those terrorists legitimize their actions in the name of Islam?

The flawed version of Islam presented by TTP based on killings and bombings can never be justified. Let us all join hands and be one voice in this war against terrorism which one way or the other has definitely become our war now; because the terrorist activities are taking place on our land, it is our people and forces that had been targeted and thus it is entirely our own loss.

And that calls for our preparedness to face retaliation by the sleeper cells of TTP across the country. A strong reaction can come for which the nation has already been warned. Let us be very careful yet be ready for this decisive war against TTP to lead the operation to its ultimate fate of success. With all the right intentions, victory shall be ours. We might have to sacrifice some more lives, but God willing, it will be the final blow before the menace ends. Let us pray for the least possible lives to be lost in this operation Zar-e-Azb.

Together we shall become victorious and shall attain peace in our country with God’s mercy.

With the support of the entire nation, and in coordination with other state institutions and Law Enforcement Agencies, these enemies of the state will be denied space anywhere across the country. As always, armed forces of Pakistan will not hesitate in rendering any sacrifice for the motherland”

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