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Zarb-e-Azb: Better Late Then Never

All patriotic Pakistanis are deeply worried of prevailing worse conditions in Pakistan and worried about the future of country but announcement of operation Zarb-e-Azb has come as a sigh of relief for every Pakistani. Truth is that “Latoon kay bhooth baton say nahi mantay”( a person who can only understand the language of beatings cannot be counseled by words) dialogues with terrorist never helped the government and the security situation. It only gave them time to regroup and further strengthen their terror networks within Pakistan.

They attacked civilians, GHQ (General Head Quarters), Meehran base and recently the Karachi Airport. These attacks

were either done by a group of men or suicide bombers. The Karachi airport brought us international humiliation and made it clear to many that this is our war and we have to fight it if we want to save Pakistan and put it back on track of peace and prosperity.

I feel pity for all those politicians and media people who tried to be ambassador of slogan “it isn’t our war” and distracted the nation for all those years resulting  in increased terrorist attacks and their deep penetration in our cities. I personally feel that all those who portrayed this wrong notion to public are equally responsible for of all acts of terrorism and must be answerable for obstructing  the course of law.

I believe attack on Karachi airport was the last straw for our Armed forces, they have paid a heavy price in this war due to lack of political ownership from the government. For years politics has been played over this issue and only our citizens and armed forces have suffered. Our brave armed forces have lost many of their daring men in terror strikes by militants. Also, around 50,000 civilian have lost their lives. In essence, the delay in stiff action against militants has only resulted in loss of precious lives and has put Pakistan’s credibility in international arena at stake.

 Terrorism has also made an enormous impact on our economy. According to the government of Pakistan, the direct and indirect economic loss of terrorism from 2000–2010 has been around at $68 billion. Terrorism has also been continuously isolating Pakistan form rest of the world by increased visa restrictions and lack of willingness of foreign companies to invest in Pakistan. In the current scenario terrorism is one way or another root cause of all problems we are facing. It is a now a necessity that we eliminate terrorism from our society.

We must keep in mind that Pakistan Army is professional army and they probably already have a strategy in place to minimise any loss of life of citizens in the effected areas. However, we must remember that any loss is inevitable – some people may suffer loss of life, wealth, accommodation etc. In the instance this does happen one must ask the question,Pakistan Army had no choice but to opt for operation due these dirty terrorist and their continous attacks on us so they are responsible for any civilian casualties not Pakistan Army.

Code name Zarb-e-Azb is very strategic choice of armed forces it literally means “sharp and cutting” . Azb also refers to the sword of Holy Prophet Muhamamd Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wasallam which he used in Ghazwa of Badr and Udh. As of now operation

is going very success full with reports from ISPR saying around 105 terrorist killed. Despite being at war our army is doing its best in supporting local population from chaos and has established IDP camps and even surrender points for terrorists who may wish to do so. Army is showing their excellence as usual and we as Pakistanis are proud of it.

May Almighty Allah give strength to our armed forces to eliminate terrorist from their roots

Ameen .Pakistan First!

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