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Life Goes ON!!!!!

Robert frost provided the summary of life in three words “IT GOES ON”. When there is a call for strike by a leading political party, Life in Karachi stops for a while, but it goes on; no matter whatever the condition is. We are now somehow habitual of facing shortage of electricity, water and fuel. We have prepared ourselves to face snatchers bef0re leaving homes and offices. Sectarian based target killing, attacks on holy places, blasts in public places and sudden closing of shops and offices are now ordinary matters and just provide business to channels covering them. Don’t you think, we are gradually becoming deaf, blind and dumb?

Yeah! Life did not stop in Karachi when 30 innocent pilgrims from Iran were killed in Taftan and at the same time there was attack on Jinnah International Airport. We wake up in the morning as normal, attend offices, checked live updates of the incident on television, newspaper, and internet and then spent rest of the time in discussions.

We were blaming government, security forces ,airport administration etc  but when I saw the young and smiling dead body of Flight engineer FAKHAR UL HASAN on social media, the first thing ,that came in my mind was the face of his mother. To whom she would be blaming??? Is it possible for her to continue the life after losing the son, who has just started his carrier as a flight engineer? How many sacrifices the parents had made to provide quality education to their child? How much glad they were when their son was receiving his engineering degree? Face of this young poor martyr of Karachi airport was full of life just like our faces with so many dreams to do something special for family, nation and self but like so many other poor victims of terrorism in Pakistan this son has gone with a message to his friends, family, colleague and nation that terrorist are more powerful than our degrees, faith and life; they can attack everywhere because we are allowing them to do so.

Undoubtedly!!! We are allowing them to killed us by not showing any protest either they attack somewhere on sectarian basis or for the reason to ruined the image of our country. Our security agencies just release threat alerts and no one took responsibility after the incidents. On the next day of Jinnah international airport unpleasant incident, no one knew that seven peoples are burning in cold storage and the poor mothers and siblings are protesting outside. It was declared in evening that operation was successful and just after that rescue operation was started on request of media officials. Black clouds of smoke with pungent smell of burning bodies were observed and smelt in areas adjacent with airport; silently condemning the selfishness of government and airport officials which took the precious lives of seven employees. This is not enough; the families and departed souls of employees are cursing us also for our ignorance and silence. We being a Muslim are accountable if someone slept hungry in neighbor; how much we will be accountable on Day of Judgment for the burning faces and bodies of these sufferers.

These sorts of incidents and behaviors have disappointed the youngsters. The emerging professionals are feeling miserable and unsecured, they will leave Pakistan whenever the opportunity will  come to them .International companies are losing confidence to invest money here and they will probably stop trading us soon just exactly they  decided to stop playing  cricket here. Ultimately, our country will lose talent and trade. This is exactly the reason behind these sort of terrorist activities in our homeland .our enemies are killing us indirectly by taking advantage of our ignorance and silence.

Are we ready for this? This is the right time to raise our voice against our foes. We have to stop living our normal luxurious lives for a moment and need to take decisions to save our motherland. Our government officials, political parties, security and law and enforcement agencies are accountable to us. We have to create social awareness in general public to do not accept corruption, terrorism and negligence from responsibilities from now onwards. We have to give message to our enemy that we are still not afraid. We still love Pakistan and we can guard it just like we protected it in 1965.

If you are not willing to do so then don’t worry… LIFE GOES ON…It will not stop either you and your loved one will die in next incident!!!!

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