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According to a Pakistani Television channels I just noted down the following figures of the attack.

The attack began at 11:20 PM of mid night on 8 June and lasted until the morning around 4:00 AM of 9 June. Ten attackers broke through a security checkpoint in a van and attacked the cargo terminal of the airport with automatic weapons, hand grenades, and other explosives. The attackers were dressed as security guards, with some also wearing suicide vests. They were wearing uniforms of the (ASF), and had used fake IDs to enter the airport. A senior Pakistani intelligence official said some of the militants tried to hijack a plane, but were unsuccessful.

About 90 minutes after the attack began, hundreds of SSG commandos arrived on the scene and began battling the militants. The attackers were reported to have initially seized control of the airport tarmac and runways. Within hours, eight of the ten militants were shot dead by the Army commandos and the remaining two blew themselves up when they were cornered. The siege officially ended after five hours; 36 people, including the ten terrorists, 11 ASF personnel, two Pakistan Ranger officials, a sindh Police officer, and four PIA employees (including two senior aircraft engineers) were killed in the incident. At least 18 security personnel were also injured in the attack and admitted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Seven bodies that were burnt beyond recognition were also recovered from the airport's cold storage facility after a 28 hour rescue operation.

On the same day early in the morning I was at Karachi airport for my flight to Peshawar via Air Indus, when I was put down to the airport with a private black-Yellow Taxi I found not that much high security checking which I discovered previously in the same airport and as well at the other airports like Peshawar and Islamabad, I remembered that this is also good that the passengers not face any problem, all these things came into my mind when in the evening I watched the attacks on Karachi Airport which killed about 37 people,

On that day the airport was looking like friendly and the security personals are flexible that day, the second thing is that how it’s possible for the terrorists to enter a place like airports, all these things shows that neither we have the latest  technology nor expertise, when American can come in the night and operate in your territory, when people from Afghanistan can killed your Army on the border, when Maulana Fazal Ullah can easily move within Swat and Afghanistan, when Taliban can easily enter to your airports and GHQ, then after all we clams that Pakistan is a developed country , in reality we don’t have anything, both the government and people of Pakistan are sleeping and the anti-state elements are achieving their targets 

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