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Karachi Airport Attacks- What does ‘Responsibility’ mean???

Having a look at Karachi airport attacks, it was another disappointing day of reporting by the media. News emerge that one of the aircraft is burnt and could well take the other two besides it. Also reports of probable entrance of terrorists in one of the boarded air crafts. Media told us that they have now managed to reach the runway and the airport was totally under control of these terrorists. I was shocked and shaken by this news. "What worst may happen with Pakistan after this attack? Will foreign airlines be landing in Pakistan anymore after this event? Is this the beginning of THE END for Pakistan? All these questions were surrounding the mind. Suddenly one of the reporters from a local news Channel shouted “Aur yeh aik aur dhamaka” commenting as this was as simple as “Aik aur Goal”…What a shame on such reporters. Another seemingly wise reporter said “Today we will see that if all the money spent on these security agencies is really worth it or not” and he said this  while the attack was on it’s peak and 3 ASF people had already embraced Shahadat. One adventurous Guy reached that Sunsaan place at the airport which nobody else could reach and reportedly he showed us the clipping of one of attackers. This media person seemed to be an Invisible Man and his channel was showing this exclusive clipping of one of terrorists on the roof top without any confirmation. Ironic of all was the fact that our media was sort of helping the attackers by breaking the every move of our security agencies and Pak army. All in all it was another day of disappointing reporting by Pakistani media.

Social media was all flooded with this news and we started sharing our sorrow and pain with fellow Pakistanis. One on my friend said “We are lost”. Our moods changed and we were thinking what will happen next? When can we live a free and proud life? When will our country bee freed from all this ongoing mess? People were making all sort of brave statements which one expects from a country’s officials. People were expressing their anger over the government over talks with Taliban at one place and cursing Nawaz Sharif at the other for not showing any dignity while dealing with India; and Pakistan creeps every passing day.

Anyhow, after the situation settled and many of the initial hypes created by our media proved out to be wrong; I was wondering that our media did played the same role as played by international media in 1965 Indo-Pak ware when they declared Lahore fall which was totally fake news. In both cases, Pakistanis around the world faced a painful period of disruption. Why do they air such reports without proper confirmation? Can they ever play a supporting role in such crisis?

Following day, world witnessed another total disarray while 7 people were fighting for life in Airport cold storage area. Airport was cleared in the morning while nobody noticed missing 7 persons. Shahzeb Kahnzada from Express news was the most prominent person to raise his voice for saving these people. The response of government was again too late and each party was blaming the other as responsible for this incident. Even though the CM and governor Sindh reached the spot, the rescue operation started so late that these 7 people could not be saved. It seemed that media was leading this operation whose responsibility is mainly reporting; it was yet another scattered effort in which the real LEAD was missing. Nobody could forget those stressful moments.

Rehman Malik’s responded well before Chaudhry Nisar who was perhaps sleeping during the whole episode. To date, the Federal and Provincial governments are blaming each other for the responsibility and the poor Karachi airport is standing injured; searching anybody to own it. It is Pakistan’s asset and responsibility of Pakistanis to safeguard it be it PPP or PML (N). They should remember, one day it could well be Bilawal House or Raiwind Palace; who will be responsible then???

Last but not least, the media exposed the security situation of other airports mainly Lahore airport as we came to know that there are only 4 security personnel at one critical end of this airport. Are you helping Pakistan OR it’s enemies by pointing out such loop holes in system? Is this how one should increase the RATING? Media and Politicians must ponder to above questions before its too late…

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