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Dear Taliban, I don’t tend to wish you well.

I write this letter with extreme pain in my heart. I don’t tend to wish you well. I had heard you are brave warriors, saviours of the religion, followers of Allah and i cherished you.

When United States and their allies alleged you to kill innocent civilians, I disagreed with them. I told everyone this was a ploy by them to find a reason to invade muslim countries. I argued in your defence saying that you were innocent. When they attacked Afghanistan, I used to pray for your success against these infidels. I used to rejoice when you would kill foreign soldiers who invaded Afghanistan. I heard you fought bravely. I agreed with you when you raised the voice of Palestinians, I agreed with you when you talked about Kashmir.

I thought we were brothers. We are followers of one religion, believers of Allah and his Prophet (SAW). I thought you were fighting for me because I was afraid to do so. I thought you would protect me, my religion and my country. I thought you were one of us.

When you came to Pakistan for refuge, I opened my heart and my home. You were muhajireen and I wanted to follow the example of ansar. I gave you a place to live, food to eat, even married by sisters to you. When drone attacks started, you took refuge in my home and used us as human shield to avoid death. I didn’t resist. When drone attacks still happened and many of my innocent friends and family members died with your comrades, I still did not kick you out of my heart or home.

Then instead of fighting infidels, you started killing muslims from my own country. You attacked masjids, churches, schools, hospitals, markets, killing thousands of innocent civilians. I told you this was against the commandments of Allah and his Prophet (SAW). I requested you to stop because I thought you would listen. I thought you would try to reason with me and I will convince you that you can not strengthen the religion by killing those who follow it. But instead of reasoning, you threatened me. You gave me a choice between your slavery and death. You came to my home and took the food of my children, leaving them to starve. You forced the women of my family to not to leave home. You forced me to keep a beard and dress the way you want. You killed the barber of the town because of his profession. You killed my friend because you said he was pro-Pakistan. You burned the flag of Islamic republic of Pakistan-the only country made in the name of Allah.

I had always believed you were fighting for us. When representatives of neighbouring country offered you money and weapons, you became friends with them. You had told me they were infidels. Now you act as their stooge and kill the believers. You have either changed or you never were what you portrayed in front of me.

When Pakistan army warned us that air strikes will be launched against you because you killed thousands of innocent civilians, we once again requested you to leave. You refused to go. You don’t care if we die in crossfire, you prefer that. If army enters our town, you want to hide in my home, use my family as shield and fire at the soldiers. You want us to die when they fire back so that you can upload pictures of our dead bodies online, say innocent civilians are dying and put pressure on army to go back to barracks.

To fail your agendas and your mission, I have left town with my family and friends. I don’t know where we will go. We accepted you as Muhajireen and today were are Muhajirs because of you. We will live in camps or in the open. We will seek help from our brothers in rest of Pakistan, somehow Insha-Allah we will survive.

But while we are gone, there will be no one for you to use as a human shield. We know that when towns get deserted and you are only one there, you feel afraid. You feel afraid because the jets of Pakistan Air force hit you and burn you and your evil once for all. You feel afraid because when we left Swat, Pakistan army came in and defeated you in a few days. You were either killed, captured or forced to flee leaving everything behind.You are afraid because today Pakistan’s flag waives in Swat. You are afraid because girls in Swat go to school now. You are afraid because people in Swat live the life their way and not your way. You are afraid that same will be your plight here in Waziristan.

We are sacrificing our today for tomorrow of our children. We don’t want to live under your tyranny. You are a cancer for Pakistan and we are willing to take this pain and migrate so that the Pakistan army kills you once for all.

Just as I used to rejoice when you killed foreign armies invading your country, I will rejoice your death since you have invaded mine. The 7th largest and most brave and professional army of the world will crush you. You will try to flee for your life, beg for negotiations but you will die or rot in prisons.

Then we will come back to our homes. We will live the way we did for hundreds of years before you came. We will live according to our culture and traditions. We will follow our religion the way we believe it, we will live in, work for and love Pakistan. We will win this war.. we will.

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