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APMSO – Evolution of a Revolution

There is an important relation between politics and youth of any country. Youth is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate and that is why they are considered as the backbone of any nation, without the struggle of youth, no nation or movement can achieve their goals and aims. Role of youth in politics is essential for every nation, without entering in politics; youth cannot do anything for country.

The founder and leader of APMSO was only 24 years & 8 months old when he started the journey along-with some of his close aides forming a platform for the students for their rights. He knew all the pros & cones of confronting with the big wigs in politics of Pakistan. Considering this skimpy he opted for a great cause, not ardent to earn fame, but to sought identification & civil liberties for his people. For that he was not only imprisoned but also faced baseless allegations during marshal law regime. He was also warned of dire consequences. He escaped killing attempts twice & alleged for hundreds of fake cases in absentia. His name is Altaf Hussain & the student organization he formed was “All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organization” (APMSO) renamed as “All Pakistan Mutahida Students Organization” later.

On 11 June 1978, Mr. Altaf Hussain along with his companions announced the formation of APMSO on the grounds that in Karachi University there were different ethno-linguistic student organizations representing Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Baloch, Sindhi, Siraiki, Kashmiri & Gilgiti students but none of them representing Muhajir Community & they had developed a sense of isolation & deprivation. Students paid warm welcome to this development and joined APMSO in numbers. Soon the student movement spread across the educational institutes of the city.

APMSO, representing the students of the educated & liberal Urdu speaking community, desirous to make their separate identity among different ethnic & racial groups, made education its base and persuaded other students to focus their education & skills. It not only arranged Book Fairs, Workshops, Debate Competitions & other literary activities but also highlighted the importance of education under its Study Circles. Keeping away itself from Kalashnikov culture, unlike other ethno-linguistic/so-called religious groups, APMSO emphasized on spreading awareness about religion, inter-sect & inter faith harmony, social & corporate responsibility, individual & collective collaboration for the betterment of the society & the country. 

APMSO, from the beginning faced opposition of all ethno-linguistic & religious student groups, specially the student wing of a religious group used immoral & illegal tactics to slander & harm it. APMSO paid heavy price of resisting such activities. Mr. Altaf Hussain being the first Chairman of the APMSO was banned by the ruffians of a So-Called Religious Group to enter Karachi University. Many of its student members were abducted, beaten & tortured inhuman. Hundreds of the workers martyred or physically disabled by torturing them. Keeping the situation in view Mr. Altaf Hussain decided to take out the struggle to the General Public. It laid the formation of Muhajir Qoumi Movement (the MQM) on 18 March 1984, later emerged as the 3rd largest Political Party in Pakistan & 2nd largest in Province of Sindh.

It was a unique example of creation of a strong Political Party from the womb of a Student Organization, contrary to other political groups which form their student wings. It shows the vision, strength, determination & caliber of the member of this student organization & its founders who turned a student group into leaders of international repute. MQM has strongly came up on political mainstream of Pakistan as a trend setter they introduce & empowered common middle class and lower class people of Pakistan and sent them to Assemblies of Pakistan, MQM has set another records, MQM organized the biggest political women’s convention in the history of Pakistan on Feb 19th, 2012 at Quid-e-Azam’s mausoleum in Karachi & broke its own record of women gathering previously held in 15th July 1988 at T-Ground Dastagir & June 2005 at Nishtar Park.

World has witnessed that MQM is the trend setter; it can make any unbelievable record in the history of Pakistan. From historical ‘Muft Bazar’ (Free Market), to week-long cleanliness, either you talk about cyber revolution, computer literacy programs, English learning facilities for common soul & Now Nazeer Hussain University MQM has always came up with unique ideas. 11 June 2014 is the 36th anniversary of APMSO, and its popularity and membership has only increased with the passage of time. Keeping the historical achievements of APMSO in mind, there is no doubt that, APMSO was the Evolution of a Revolution now known as “the MQM”.

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