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Final Blows In The ‘Great Game’

In a boxing match, you can win by bruising your rival or knocking him out. Mostly, you have to soften the target before throwing a final blow. In some cases, you throw a final blow as a last strategy before you are knocked over. Attack on Jinnah airport is widely start of those final blows by Pakistan’s nemeses before they are knocked out.  These nemeses have multiple and varied objectives of their interest which have brought them to a common platform. There is four pronged strategy is designed, crafted and active on all fronts. This strategy has formulated a PEST PROGRAMME:

  1. Political unrest
  2. Economic meltdown
  3. Social disorder
  4. Terrorism through their proxies

The above mentioned PEST PROGRAMME has been active for long time to bring deterrence in Pakistan. There are variants of PEST which contributed to achieve their objective.  The objective is loud and clear “denuclearize Pakistan”. It can only be achieved by effectively implementing PEST PROGRAMME. Therefore, few recognised efforts have been drawn in shape of hiring some political gurus to misinforming wider audience through influential media platforms. It is also noted that the recent terror attacks have been specific to support PEST. The chronology OF FEW recent EVENTS draws a horrific map below:

  1. Revenue loss to Pakistan followed by attack on SRI LANKAN team is economic meltdown.
  2. Attack on GHQ and KAMRA was clear attempt to build the case against their objective.
  3. GEO episode is designed to create a social disorder.
  4. PNS MEHRAN attack was target specific again to push their narrative on Pakistan nuclear assets.
  5. MQM LEADER arrest was an attempt to fuel already established political unrest.
  6. Attack ON JINNAH AIRPORT is clearly an attempt to show the world that Pakistan security of vital installations can be breached. This is an attempt to halt foreign flight operations causing further economic losses.
  7. Attack on ISI office and OSSAMA BIN LADEN episode are massive chapters of PEST PROGRAMME.

There is external pressure applied as well through Afghan based militant attacks on western border and Indian military exercises to signal their presence at eastern borders. These signals are strongly in support of internally applied PEST PROGRAMME.

Chuck Hagel current US secretary of defence categorically mentioned that India is using Afghanistan as a second front to destabilise Pakistan. He further explained that they are doing it with the support of Afghan intelligence. Former Indian army chief Vijay Kumar Singh has revealed that they financed separatist movements and terrorism in Pakistan through a tactical support division. Furthermore, many of the top ranking civil heads along with influential energy organizations have been employed by foreign agencies along with extremely influential media personals through USAID and revival of MOCKING BIRD PROGRAMME. They are and will be used as a vital component of PEST PROGRAMME.

Although, Pakistan seems to counter the punches effectively so far in this great game match but they have still long way to go. They are recently seen more reactive than proactive. It is unfortunate that attacks on Hazaras have damaged relations with immediate neighbour Iran as well which is by default helping PEST. It is about time that the establishment should realise their mistakes and do not provide their grounds for sectarian matches.

US withdrawal, Modi Government and possible selection of Abdullah Abdullah means that PEST PROGRAMME IS ENTERED into its final round. Afghanistan is openly owning Mullah Fazulllah and Kahild Khurasani now and supporting them in operating from Afghanistan. They are cashing in on Pakistan bashing in elections and have started a massive attack campaign from Afghanistan through these TTP proxies.

 The pattern of Jinnah airport attack tells clearly further high profile attacks and assassinations to follow. The spillage of political chaos will add to the wounds as we have recently seen though PAT and PTI Jalsas and Dharnas (sit-ins). It might be worth mentioning that Pakistan's establishment is unhappy with the current leadership due to its lack of seriousness in solving the security problems. Moreover, there is consistent pressure applied on forces by supporting GEO who is accused to defame ISI. Apparently, there is clear disconnect of the government with present security situation. The Nawaz government seem to forget that ideal security and law & order situation is fundamental ingredient to prosperity through economic development. Their emphasis on economic revival looks out of sync and in complete disconnect with the present situation in Pakistan.

In order to knock out this PEST, government has to follow wartime strategic planning. Their focus should be internal and external security and creating mastermind alliance with the stake holders. It is with no doubt that Pakistan is going through the most sensitive phase of its existence and irony is that our politicians are largely incompetent to deal with for their petty gains.

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