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Faded Glamour

The biggest misconception in Interior design is that one needs to start from tabula rasa. Doing up a new place doesn’t and shouldn’t mean chucking out the old. In fact, Old is the new New; in the world of interiors. So feel totally blessed if you have inherited old furniture pieces or home accessories especially glass or crystal chandeliers, china, vintage lamps, throws, paintings – the monetary value being irrelevant – glasses, cutlery, family photos – the faded the better. It’s all about styling a room where contrasting textures play against each other, and the visual interest remains engaged.

nothing new!
Unpretenious is the key word here.

The key to decorating is not to try too hard. The rooms that are over-thought and designed to the limit lose their sparkle and come across as stiff.

Notice the exposed brick wall, dinning chairs with benches and stools all plonged along the mile long table. The rule is that there is no rule.

create still lifes around the house with saturated colors and unusual pieces.

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