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That’s it. You’ve defamed Geo. Now apologize!

Hello there, world! I am Geo. The most powerful media group in Pakistan with the most following worldwide. And I am here to teach people some journalism. I’ll tell you who to talk to, what to say and when to do it. I’ll tell you what the foreign policy should be. I’ll tell you who should sit in the parliament. I’ll tell you what the prime minister should say. I’ll tell you what the Supreme Court should do. I’ll tell how much of a liar Imran Khan is. I’ll tell you who to vote for. I’ll tell you who should win the elections.

But the moment you stop listening and try telling me something, I’ll accuse you of murder, send you legal notices, get the police to arrest you or make up a disgusting scandal of yours and tell people how much of a hypocrite you are. And that’s all okay because I AM GEO!

I accused the ISI chief General Zaheer ul Islam of trying to assassinate a senior journalist Hamid Mir without any evidence what-so-ever and ran his photo with the ‘breaking news’ for 8 hours straight. But allow me to explain. I was just ‘reporting’ what Hamid’s brother said. The truth is, he forced us to do so and threatened to kill Mr. Jeem (a senior anchorperson at Geo) Mr. Jeem has done countless favors to journalism and fought numerous battles for the freedom of media and his safety could, at no cost, be sacrificed.

Later, I even wrote down a sorry letter to ISI and published it in our newspaper but they didn’t write back. That is what got us Geo people mad! And we decided to sue the powerful spy agency of Pakistan along with the defense ministry and PEMRA for defaming and maligning us. Calling us traitors! I mean, what did we ever do to them?

People these days…

*Major Eye Roll*

One more such person is the PTI leader Imran Khan. Yes, that guy who jumped off that lifter on purpose to get votes. He is out there defaming and maligning us too. A real coward indeed! But we have Umar Cheema and Ahmed Noorani to take care of him. So what if we helped rig the elections? So what if we had our social media team accuse him of the most disgusting things possible? Imran still has no right to question us because, guess what, we’re GEO!

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