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From Sciences to Social Sciences – Why do students do that?

From interest in human lives to societal problems, from cases of law to human rights, from the glamour of political life to environmental planning – each deal with the in depth study of social sciences. Many people who are connoisseur in these fields were once science students. The shift from neutrons and protons to serving human interests is quite drastic; each having its own self-explanatory reasons.

Coming across a number of people who argue that it was their family’s dream to excel in the sciences always considering the social sciences as a weaker option; those students in the end always fall in to the stream of social sciences either by passion or either by having no other door to welcome. The intriguing notion is that they succeed tremendously in their respective fields.

“One of the difference between the natural and social sciences is that in the natural sciences, each succeeding generation stands on the shoulders of those that have gone before, while in the social sciences, each generation steps in the faces of its predecessors.” 

David Zeaman Skinner’s Theory of Teaching Machines (1959) If surveyed intensely, variety of cases surface having distinctive angles to the story. There are some who have a family of medical professionals, are intelligent enough to overcome the mammoth studies; one thing that pulls them back is a weak heart. It’s a natural phenomenon that all human beings do not have strong hearts, the sight of blood or the pricking of a needle flood their eyes. For them social sciences is an accurate path to walk on and do something worthwhile, many of them do end up achieving something.

Science is a wide field having different subjects, ranging from biology to anatomy to geology to morphology, each having its own importance. There is always a perception in our society that science students are the most intelligent minds, this myth has now been broken by the students of the post – modern era. The most creative and talented minds come from the arts department, they are the ones who are the most vigorous and the driving hand of our society.

Another misconception that lies in the minds of students who opt for social sciences is that they feel there’s nothing serious to study and they would easily pass through the exams; many who come with this psyche always flung in their assessment.

Passion has its own arena as well. Students who turn to art play an integral role in building a softer image of their country, art and culture has always depicted the strata of progressive life of a society. Students who go abroad to exhibit their skills and talent return with laurels; no matter to what type of people you cater your art, social sciences has the power to convey the meaning to any and every one.

Farah Aslam, an anthropologist was an inspiring science student before shifting her interest towards studying human behavior. She considers digging deep and understanding the intricate details of a human being as challenging, they keep changing all the time, every era has different flavors of people coming up. No doubt, it’s the attention that has been given to human demeanor and mind which has produced a civilized society.

One enthusiastic interior designer I met gave a very straight statement; “In science you got to stay inside the box, in social sciences you are always made to think out of the box”. Many who have noticed the approach of study of both these opposite fields would readily agree to it. Humanities and arts gives you a free hand to express your mind freely, chaining it to one specific route has always been boring and rigid.

In our part of the world, parents’ first priority for their children is to go after a science school. These stereotypes are crippled now, social sciences has taken over a major chunk of our lives. Students should be given a free choice in opting for whatever they want to; keeping them occupied and engaged all the time. Interest and loving one’s work is a vital aspect.

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