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Pakistani Tujhay Salam!

This blog is in reference to an episode of ARY’s famous crime show Sare Aam regarding the head master of the government school taking bribes, that aired recently.

When I first saw the episode’s promo on ARY News, I cursed silently, blamed the government and education ministry for their ignorance and the head master for being selfish and greedy, not caring for the several children he was supposed to educate and toying with the future of the country but by the time the episode ended I wished there were more people like him in Pakistan.

The school children that came running to greet and hug their head master when he walked into the school were a shut up call to those who claim pens and books can’t change the world. The tears that coursed down the head master’s cheeks when he sat back on his desk were a silent reply to those who say bombs and bloodshed represent us.

Things began to make sense once again. The world started to seem sane after all.

It was the most balanced episode of a crime show I have ever seen. It showed both sides of the story giving us much, much to think about. Along with highlighting the absence of any check in balance from the education ministry’s side it also casted light on a wider perspective. The side of the canvas we almost always fail to see. The love for the soil we almost always fail to recognize. The ‘Sacha Pakistani’ within all of us! That is brought back to life when the national anthem plays, when Shahid Afridi strikes a six and when we hear of people like the head master in the episode.

Sar e Aam 31 May 2014 by arynews

It was a much needed break from the ‘zeher wali adrak’, ‘gutter wala soap’, ‘charbi wala oil’ and ‘ghadhay wala ghosht’. Someone needed to show what actually represented Pakistan, someone needed to present its true image in front of the world and Team Sare Aam did that pretty well. I just hope others follow.

Most crime shows we watch nowadays highlight only the evil in the society while people watching take the perception that it is all there is, that every other Pakistani lies, takes bribes, is corrupt and that none of this is expected to change any soon. As a result, hopelessness prevails. And who is to be blamed for that—the so-called patriotic anchors barging into people’s houses, invading their privacy, raiding their bedrooms thinking they are doing a favor to humanity by doing so?

Among all this insanity, I must say, Sare Aam stands out because it gives me a reason to say ‘No’ to my mom when she tells me I should complete my studies and settle abroad. Things can change. Things will change! Insha Allah…   

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