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Within measurable distance of truth

'Within measurable distance of truth, that is, closer to truth than one can ever imagine to be, there exists a mirage.' 

I keep wondering why things are the way they are. Why and how is it that a certain event happens earlier, and the other later. Why we come across some people at a particular point in our lives and not before or after. Why life doesn't unfold the way one wants and happens in proportionatly different ways. Why we love a person and not another? These are heavy questions which have no solid answers. But solidity, concreteness, substantiation, tangibilty, evidence, words followed by actions is what one asks for and looks for. I am beset with mirages. They entice me from far away, they shine their way into my life at one time and not another, they beckon me from places yonder and I go their way – only to be disappointed.

When feelings cannot be voiced. When I am my cicumstance. When distance fractures bonds; One finds oneself in an absolute void. Voids, abysses, emptiness – entire loss of bearing makes me disoriented. The point of compass lost, the compass loses it's meaning. How do you move in a void? or is that even a valid question at all? How do you go from here to there in a place where the value of 'place' is meaningless? 

In our times we are obssessed with goals, our passport to worldly success is not only knowing where we would be in the next one hour but the next five years. I am frequently asked this question and to be honest I haven't the faintest clue. A faded idea of future is of course there – desires, wishes, hopes and aspirations all beckon, but having a life-path planned and penned down has never been my priority. I am perhaps unworldly, perhaps impractical and unsuccessful for I do things as I deem them fit, and how they feel rather than how they would benefit me in kind. 

Truth is a place I want to be at, be it truth of mind or of heart. Is there such a place? can such a place exist in a void? And, I want to look away from mirages for they baffle me no end, though at times I feel they are within measurable distance of truth..

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