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Living With The Enemy

It is always saddened to see that we have used the term “NATIONAL INTERESTS” for personal gains, injustice, corruption, incompetence, immoralities, professional as well as personal greed and distorting the facts. I think we must be the smartest fools in the world but we will not accept it because we are smart. Our” sovereignty” is not threatened by others but from the moles within our system and we have provided them the track.

The fact is that the biggest enemy of Pakistan is Zionist state of Israel and history reflects to that with clear index. We do not recognize Israel along with few others in the world and yet there are Zionists(mosad) roaming around in Pakistan in shape of foreign diplomats, aid workers, media platforms, media organizations, NGO’S and heads of strategic institutions of Pakistan. Pakistan is the only country (out of the list of countries do not recognize Israel) who has no screening system in place for Zionists coming in the country. It is estimated by janes information intelligence web one of renowned security and defence web cell that approximately 2300 mosad operatives are active in Pakistan. You don’t have to be rocket scientist to understand what their agendas will be as it was clearly said by their first prime minister.

"It is essential that we…strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans." — David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister.

Those disguised and secret plans have been shared with our natural enemies and neighbours who were happy to come on board to destabilize Pakistan and its “SOCIETIEL VALUES”. These values can only be threatened when you spread the chaos in the political and civil management system. The internal security collapse in shape of sacretarianism, social disturbance, separatists movements along with media disinformation campaigns are the dominant factors to achieve that goal. We can clearly see that happening by connecting the dots from debates on independence and two nation theory by influential analysts spreading hopelessness with enthusiasm. Federation of American Scientists website comments on RAW/MOSAD nexus in these words:

"RAW/MOS has engaged in disinformation campaigns, espionage and sabotage against Pakistan and other neighbouring countries. RAW has enjoyed the backing of successive Indian governments in these efforts. Working directly under the Prime Minister, the structure, rank, pay and perks of the Research & Analysis Wing are kept secret from Parliament.”

India would never spare a chance historically to destroy Pakistan and they have yet again proved in their strategic alliance with Israel. India is spending $3.4 billion on defence deals and projects with Israel which is targeted to hit $4 billion per year by 2020. Israel with the full backing of Americans and CIA planning to corner china and thus using india as their hub because of china-india relationship. Mosad has been infiltrated deep into Indian system with common agendas signed in Advani’s visit to Israel in 2001.

One of the minister Mr Qutubbuddin Aziz in 2001 mentioned about advani’s visit to Israel in his article:

"Top secret details of Indian Home Minister LK Advani's visit to Israel in June 2000, show that the deals he has struck with the Israelis would make India and Israel partners in threatening the Muslim world with diabolic conspiracies to fragment and cripple it as a political force in the world. The details of his meetings with Israel's rulers, particularly the heads of the Israeli Home Ministry and its intelligence agencies, Mossad and Sabak, reveal that the arrangements he has made for joint Indo-Israel espionage operations in key areas of the Muslim world would make the Indian embassies in these Muslim countries the eyes and ears of the worldwide cloak-and-dagger Israeli spy network.

Now keeping the above in scene as well as afghan strategic alliance with India, it draws a horrific picture for Pakistan. I have never understood the reason for "constant denial" by previous and present governments. The difference here is that Nawaz Sharif is using GEO to harm the establishment and Zardari used Haqqani to defame the military. It is believed that haqqani gave hundreds of visas to foreign secret services operatives and endorsed RAW's influenced strike on Pakistan military posts. It is tipped that SALALA ATTACK was manufactured by KHAD with the help of RAW in reply to 26/11 MUMBAI. It is quite possible that Americans and NATO may have been tricked into this unforgiving massacre. There are four distinct objectives of this action;

1. Reply to 26/11 MUMBAI attack
2. Influence Obama’s decision of troops withdrawal in 2014
3. Escalate military action on Pakistan through consequences
4. Provide suitable track for civilian outrage leading to systematic collapse.

Pakistan army has been enraged since that episode and still feel hurt. The mistrust with foreign partners is still not healed. Moreover, Pakistan army feels that they are being victimised through a well-choreographed campaign which is also indirectly related to create rift within the society and part of great game. The whole episode of recent events is well knitted through pipeline of How To’s destabilize state structure in Pakistan. We are witnessing a counter by the ISI to finally put an end to the campaign. They feel that it has reached the tipping point. The marginalization of the military institutions has reached its peak over the last few years in particular. Pakistan military has been put against the wall by their own media consistently and in such a ferocious way that you wouldn’t find an example of.  We have witnessed in modern history how effectively disinformation war has achieved its objectives i.e. Vietnam and Iraq.

We have forgotten the sacrifices of 1947 and mourning of 1971 and proving to be the worst enemy of ourselves. Indeed, we have not learned from the past. We are again trapped by our enemies and worst of all that we have provided them an access for our personal greed and selfish intentions. We have not learned from 1971 and yet again allowed loads of renamed mukti banis to threaten us from within.

The times are at bottom low but there is only one way and that is upwards. Few essential domestics of this recovery would be soul searching individually and uniting on one common platform which is PAKISTAN.

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