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Give Democracy More Time .. Seriously?

Give Democracy some time. It is automatic process and with some more rounds of elections, you will see honest and competent candidates will be selected and the country will be on its way to progress, development and prosperity. Democracy needs continuation and there is no question, absolutely no question, about its efficiency and effectiveness as a system of ruling. Democracy is so complete and absolute that even challenging it is a crime, and you know what, Even worst Democracy is better than any other system of ruling in the world !!

I have been through this rhetoric many times while having discussions with supporters of Democracy. For them, Democracy is something sacred and they are so loyal to this idea that any opposition to Democracy on rational grounds is simple unacceptable. However, with every tenure of democratic government, people are witnessing the horrors of democratic rule. Each govt. is proving to be more lethal, fatal and deadly for the masses than her predecessor. It seems that govt. institutions have championed the art of producing no result year after year. I don’t want to (I actually don’t need to) go into statistics to show how horrible a life of normal citizen has become; a merry-go-round trip to news channels is more than enough to understand the situation.

Interestingly, despite all this havoc, Democracy is treated as holy. Govt. is blamed but Democracy, in itself, is presented as flawless system of ruling; and that’s where the problem is. Just have a look at India, where Democracy has been implemented for more than 60 years now. No General has ever dared to dissolve assemblies and implement Martial law.

Democracy is flourishing there and here what you have got; BJP swept the elections and a parliament is formed where 30% of the lot has criminal record. Excuse me, democracy needs time to get humans to pinnacle of civilization, and there you are with the world’s largest democracy which has been through ‘purification process’ for more than 50 years; a parliament where every 3rd person has been charged with criminal offense. What about the assumption that anchor persons and ‘intellectuals’ are continuously feeding to this nation that Democracy is some kind of ‘iterative’ process, where parliament move from more evil to less evil with every elections and at the end of the day, you have got a pool of ‘pure & honest’ politicians. In reality, every govt. is replaced by more corrupt regime and masses are subjected to more exploitation that they have experienced before. People start cursing current govt. and think of last govt. as a blessing compared to the current regime. At least, I have been witnessing this phenomenon throughout my life.

People of Pakistan have tasted every kind of democracy; Verdi wali democracy, Sherwani wali democracy, Zanani democracy, etc. Each & every kind of this democracy has unable to deliver and every time, whether it’s generals or politicians, ruling elite has put all her effort to maximize their profit in this ‘political business’.

Democracy doesn’t need time; it needs replacement. Man-made laws have resulted in nothing but loot, chaos & anarchy. This system of man-made laws should be changed with a system of divine-laws which doesn’t give power of law-making to anybody. A system that enabled Muslims to lead the world for centuries in all walks of life. System that made Muslims a proud nation in the world and helped them maintain their status of being supreme for many decades. A system of ruling that ensured wealth, progress and prosperity for the citizens. System of Islam i.e. The Caliphate.

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