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Respect Gender Minorities

With the rise of rumors against one particular media house and its anti-Pakistan policies, almost every social media activist start sharing respective channel videos against or in its favor. Along with other videos I also happened to watch an audition episode of Pakistani version of idol.

It was probably the Lahore auditions, where the contestants are giving their audition turn by turn, and the judges were expressing their views in exactly the same manner as the Indian channel’s judges do – they were enjoying, getting irritated with, and acting arguing with each other while providing a bit of advice here and there to a few participants also. And then there was an audition which I felt a bit disturbing.

Sean was one participant of gender minority entered the audition room, and without even knowing his name, one of the judges started mimicry and making fun of him/her. This typical behavior is actually mirror of our society towards gender minorities in general.

 The behavior of the judges on Pakistani Idol was completely
 Undignified and uncalled for, and represents how our society has Conditioned us to be insensitive to the feelings of gender & other minorities in general.

I believe that there are many ways to create viewer’s interest other than being disrespectful to gender minorities. There is no such media ethics practices/procedures that dictate the people’s behavior in the media.

Given the amount of ‘progress’ Pakistan’s media industry has attained in the last decade or so, there is a pertinent need that Pakistani media should act more maturely. Even while copying the program’s format from Indian channels, one should also try to copy ethics they adopted.

Here is the link to the video in which you can compare the reaction of Pakistani and Indian judges while presented with the same situations.

Out of 100 things one do in his/her life, probably 99th would be their gender orientation or not even 99th. They can be great sons/daughters, businessmen to doctors/engineers to singers/poets. It doesn’t define anybody for that matter.

Surprisingly in our society people don’t hate serial killers/rapist etc. as much as they look down gender minorities.

There are a non-government organizations in Pakistan who are working to develop a ‘Code of Ethics’ for the local media. But these ethics need to be enforced by government, the regulatory authorities as well as the Media Unions. Together, they need to work in order to sensitize people so that anyone who goes on air acts more maturely and responsibly.

In Pakistan, Supreme Court has acknowledged the rights of gender minorities, when chief justice ordered special CNIC for them. This is not the solution but probably this can be first step toward their rights

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