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Is Ghar ko Aag Lag Gayee Ghar ke Charagh Say

Thank GEO, you helped the Pakistani nation to see your original face that you have veiled for 12 years, now your “Burqa Avenger” game has been come to an end, you are disclosed now with your agenda locally and internationally among Muslim community. You didn’t even think for a moment what will be the consequences of your negative propaganda for the country of your "vicious campaign" in which you falsely tried to tarnish the image of country’s backboned intelligence agency for accusing them to involve in attack on your journalist. This is not the first time; you are causing to harm the image of Pakistan from the day one of your inauguration. You always broadcasted breaking news in a way that country is near to finish. How did you cross all the limits to bring down the image of Pakistan at the cost of your journalist? Even small ignorable news you presented as breaking news to create negative emotions and image of country in front of the world. To break the country the role you have played is also unforgivable instead of bringing the nation on single platform you further divided them in pieces. Your current campaign against Pakistan Army reminds us the Mumbai 2008 attacks when Indian media without any proof allegedly blamed on Pakistan.  Only the difference is they did it for their rival but you did for your own country. On you this best fits 

Dil ke Phaphole Jal Uthe Seene Ke Daag Say
Is Ghar ko Aag Lag Gaee Ghar ke Cheragh Say

The other thing that you did is worst than ever and unforgiveable. How should i have to describe in words to your barbaric act of blasphemy attempt on (Ahle-Bait) sacred  personalities of Hazrat Imam Ali (RA) and Hazrat Fatima  Zahra (RA) in your morning show brings tears not only in my eyes whether it wounded , hurt and distressed for each and every Muslim in the world. All the Muslims in the world irrespective of which sect, colour , cost or creed they belongs loved with Ahle-Bait and always ready to sacrifice their lives in their love. If anyone claims himself/herself a Muslim and  doesn’t have a love for Ahl-e-bait he/she is out of Islam .As  on the occasion of their marriage our beloved Prophet Muhmmad (PBUH) said, “May Allah keep you pious and chaste and bless your children. Verily, I am a friend to him who befriends you, and an enemy to him who is your enemy.” How dare you are to compare these sacred personalities for them God has created this world with hungry for cheap vulgar Veena Malik and his husband? Your scurrilous comparison is totally illogical. 

Thank Geo ,Your attempt to blame ISI and your blasphemous act brings two good things for the nation. First it brings Sunni and Shia on one platform and bring them closer than ever at very crucial time. At a time when they were being killed in Hazaras , karachi and in rest of the country in a target killings , now the involvement of third party in this  perilous game is visible . The other benefit is you tried to make a distance between civilian and army but your act brings them more closely. Your role always as a main media brokerage house remained controversial. As you claim all of this happened inadvertently, attack on intelligence agency, this blasphemy, creating country negative image from day first is all this happened suddenly? The main thing is God has loosened your rope since 12 year. Now you come in a grip. Be ready now there is no escape for you. Any bad evil towards Pakistan and Ahl-e-Bait will be taken out. Ahl-e-Bait zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad. 

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