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What’s Important?

If one is to seriously consider the above dictum then one's perespective is what is IMPORTANT when all is said and done. 

If we take a cosmic view then think about this;

The universe is old, very old, scientists estimate it to somewhere around 13 billion years old. The Big Bang happened at that distant point in time if we are to believe the most current and accepted theories of 'how the universe' came to be. There are billions of galaxies in the universe which are made up of gas, stars, black holes, wormholes, time warps. Our own galaxy – the Milky Way is huge by our standards, but by universal and cosmic standards it's inconsequential and minute. In our own galaxy there are thousands of millions of stars, and stars are big to put it mildly. Our very own sun is an unimportant speck by galatic standards. To add insult to injury, in the Milky Way our solar system, and make no mistake about it, occupies an obscure position at the end tip of one of its spiral arms. And yes, the earth is a dot where somehow life developed. In geological time frames, the reference point is millions of years, we as humans think in terms of a few years. For the universe and in it humans don't matter. They are simply not what's important. 

If we take a human perspective on what is more important about love, then ponder over this.

To love or be Loved? As the sage's reply suggests they are equally important and one supports the other. In wanting love one has to truly love. It is simple and uncomplicated, that is, to the sage. We on the other hand aren't all that wise, and though, such sayings have wonderful nuances, and sound soothing they do not provide us with ready made lucid answers which can be copy/pasted on one's life board. My understanding is, and mind you it's rather limited, the important thing here is also how we 'look' at love, loving, being loved. And how we look will depend mostly on 'where' we are looking from. Our loctaion. If I am on a hill everthing is down below, if I am in a cave all is dark, if I 'feel' strongly I'm 'deprived' of love then being loved becomes more important to me and vice versa.

For most people now, in the 21st century, – living in urban areas where technology has an overwhelming presense, where 'existential angst' rips through the soul, where there's an abundance of sex but lack of love, where houses are squeezed together but 'homes' have started to disappear, where security means money and not unconditional love – keeping the forks in the right place is what's important. 

In my world which is ever evolving, in my thoughts which are forever compressing and decompressing, in my life where my loctaions change effervesently, in my mind where dangers unknown hold ground, what's important is what I think of myself, what opinion I keep of me. I tell you if you have the cynical and critical thoughts that hold sway over me at times most, if you are constantly bombarded with dark thoughts, if you are at all times battling the battles without a rest, in the midst of all this chaos if you can keep faith in what you do and believe that you have found what's important to you.

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