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Broken Society?

People form societies and societies shape people. There are many factors which are influential on society formation of which the important are economy, education,religion,culture and justice system. According to Robert Leonard Carneiroan American anthropologist there are three kind of existent societies; egalitarian societies, ranked societies and class-based societies. Egalitarian societal members tend to treat each other as equals. In ranked societies people are divided into hierarchically ordered groups that differ in terms of prestige, but not significantly in terms of access to resources or power. Within this context it is possible to identify persons we can label as chiefs whose inherited position and prestige is often linked to the redistribution of goods. In class-based societies people are divided into hierarchically ordered groups that differ in terms of access not only to prestige, but also to resources and power. In the above context, Pakistan is ranked as well as class based society.

It is disturbing to see that Pakistan is losing the grip on itsvalues, society and becoming somewhat of an unnatural kind. I am saddened by the fact that we have accepted living in denial as a nation. We are increasingly becoming an immoral and savage group of people which forms a selfish and infirm society. I see how the religion is politicised for benefits, wars and killings. I do see people getting killed in blasts and not knowing who is killing them/why they getting killed. I see that female dead bodies are raped in the grave yard. I see that innocent children are dying of hunger. I see that dead bodies are eaten to fulfil the hunger. I see people committing suicide because they cannot feed their children. I see that humans have to walk on the burning coal to prove their innocence. I see a young girl has to marry an old man because of rituals and sick traditions. I see that young boys are beaten to death while passersby celebrate and laugh on their bodies hanging off the pole. I see that social injustice is frequent and cherished upon. I see that corruption is a quality and norm. I see that people get killed for their freedom of expression. I see rape of minors. I see thousands of immoralities that I have lost a count off.

I would not blame the politicians only as this is a collective responsibility so as a collective failure. We are not only burying our heads in the sand but also arguing at times to justify some of heinous crimes and most painfully using religious references to support. We all are as guilty as our politicians and policy makers. Every single one us is as sick as anyone who is committing immoralities if you do not resist and raise your voice as it is our social, moral and religious responsibility to stand united and denounce the evils. Sadly I do not see that happening instead I see people taking a back seat and enjoying a cup of tea gossiping on these issues. Bear in mind that if you let the fire burning, it will destroy you as well. I understand that every nation and most societies have problems but we should be only responsible for our house, our nation, our society and our people and not get away with comparison and so then giving ourselves excuse of satisfaction.

Allah will send the leaders who will reflect the nation. The reason why Pakistan is working the way it is working, is because we are making it this way.  We:  You and I:  We are doing it.  How it works is embedded in our thoughts, in our imaginations, in our actions, in our daily routines, in our habits and addictions.  Our whole body and mind is present in this system, but not our spirit. How do you expect the change then? As long as we keep doing the things we are doing, we're just going to keep getting the same results:  Wars, distrust, chaos, immoralities, killings, uncertainty, apathy, frustration, anger and injury.  Not just cuts, but deep scars in our hearts.

What to say about our incompetent ruling elite. They are busy drafting more scams.They are adamant that they will do anything to boost corruption and nepotism. There are plenty of examples over the last four years and in the history without going in details. How on earth you can be loyal to Pakistan when your stakes in every form is outside Pakistan. These satanic ruling elite and feudal politicians of our beloved nation are insulting our intelligence on an hourly basis and contributing massively towards the sickness and immoralities prevalent in the society. Their greed and selfishness is endless. They haven’t learned from the history of the world and the past leaders of Pakistan. They are not learning from the events of the world and what happened to those who have killed the rights of the people. Their incompetence and behaviour have contributed in the risen immoralities and disturbance in the society. The state is major contributor for civilised and moral societies but our central government is unaware of the word ‘state’ and its definition. Anthropologist Robert Carneiro (1970) defines the state as "an autonomous political unit, encompassing many communities within its territory and having a centralized government with the power to collect taxes, draft men for work or war, and decree and enforce laws."

All of us can play our part individually to align our society and collectively we can repair the damage to form a strong moral society. It is not rocket science but conceptual correction. Our beautiful religion can be the best track to run on if only we accept that Islam is the whole way and art of life. It is equally important to respect the humanity as one should not forget that we all are children of Prophet Adam and ultimate forgiveness lies with one and only supreme authority that is merciful and forgiving. We can and will achieve our goals as a nation should we indulge ourselves in the right moralities and accept the FACT that our faith and religion is superior to our culture. We should also spread education in its right context and bear this responsibility ourselves instead of relying upon state. Our society desperately needs an education emergency.I am certain that if we make a commitment to ourselves that we will deal with our country people as humans instead of seeing them through their sects, colour, race, region, tribe, cast, class, creed, religion and beliefs that would be positive step forward towards destination. Being an optimist I can see that by applying these words into an action we will not only create a moral and just but a vibrant society. Don't create a plastic image of what it is to be spiritual and try to become it. You won't be capable of it and that will frustrate you. Even if you could do it, if it's not really what you're like, you'll be miserable.

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

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