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QB’s time is here. QB, abhi.

In recent years a name that has come up numerous times in numerous fields in Pakistan’s booming media world is QB. An abbreviation for the young upcoming singer Qurat-Ul-Ain Baloch, known sometimes as the next Sunidhi Chauhan, or sometimes as the new kid on the block but to me she is definitely the next big thing.

The singer who has a huge list of success stories to her name, in such a short span of time from starting her career in 2011 to now she has proved a very basic point, we have no shortage of amazing talent in Pakistan. Without any professional training and starting as she would call it “a bathroom singer” QB has made her mark in the ever emerging, ever growing and ever exceeding Pakistani music industry.

QB’s powerful voice illuminates any room and audience listening to her, the voice which some class as essentially folk has such a presence that she is able to master singing great hits which were once sung by our legendary phenomena’s such as Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Reshma.

QB started her career in 2011 with a cover song of legendary singer Reshma’s Akhiyan Nu Rehn De which instantly became an online hit. She gained though majority of her success from the hit soundtrack of the Hum TV drama Humsafar. Since then she also sang in Coke Studio a premium stage for Pakistani music, she sang another cover song Mae Ni Main Kinoon and several other drama soundtracks including playback for an upcoming film Rangeen.

Humsafar was one of the biggest landmarks in QB’s career, the song gained QB international stardom instantly and drew audiences from all over the world to see the outcome in the lives of Ashar and Khirad. Her efforts for the drama were appreciated when Humsafar won not one but two awards for ‘Woh Humsafar Tha’ at the Lux Style Awards for Best Soundtrack and Best Singer. It was definitely an achievement for QB seen as it was her debut singing for a drama. Since then QB has sung for other drama soundtracks including Roshan Sitara, Behkawa and Mera Pehla Pyar with Shiraz Uppal. Her efforts were appreciated even more when she made an appearance in Coke Studio singing side by side with legendary Pakistani band Jal. She coupled up with Pakistani band Qayaas for their song Uss Paar too and even with Bilal Khan for the single Dekha Na Tha. She was also awarded The Pakistan Youngest Achievement Award in London in 2011 for her efforts for music in Pakistan.In 2012 she sang alongside legendary Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor and the BBC Philharmonic in Bradford, England in a live music session covered by the BBC Asian Network.

It’s amazing that a singer who holds almost 3 years under her belt as a career can achieve so many milestones, to sing on the same platform as legends before her on not just a national front but on an international front. What’s even more amazing that she is now set to start her next success story an album releasing next month, already one song of her album Mera Ishq has been released and the song is a fusion of traditional eastern poetry and melodies mixed withwestern rock. Even more the amazing and talented singer has taken her step into the re-emerging and revived Pakistani Film Industry with her duet with Shajar Fakhar ‘Nach Baliye’ for Shoaib Khan’s upcoming film Rangeen.

QB has always supported the Pakistani Music Industry and has always spoke of how the scope of our music is so great that it is constantly being borrowed by our neighbours yet she has stated that there are not enough platforms for upcoming musicians or singers in Pakistan except Coke Studio. She also stated recently in an interview that “our people back us, but they would still prefer Sheila Ki Jawani over Yaar Daadi Aatish Ishq, it’s not just about voices but material.” Unfortunately QB is right, even after exceeding to such heights and breaking so many success barriers there is still a huge lack of support for our talent when stood next to bigger more materialistic markets.

QB though clenches onto a sense of versatility with regards to her singing, compare her singing styles in Mera Ishq, Woh Humsafar Tha and Nach Baliye and you will see the scope she speaks of. All three songs are amazing in their own ways yet all three songs are unique in compelling the audience to listen to them again and again. QB has been able to take her powerful voice and utilise it by singing writings of Bulleh Shah similar to the way in which Junoon sang, she at the same time has the melodious voice to be able to captivate intense emotion and adjust it to the lives of persons on screen and yet on the complete opposite side holds onto a hip up to date vocal that could make anyone want to get up and dance similar to the effect that Nazia Hassan once did. It’s amazing to think that just over a year ago QB was involved in a horrendous car accident which had left her near enough paralysed, but she bounced back strong as ever.

The versatility of QB is probably one of her biggest assets, joint with a pure passion for Pakistani music and delicate beauty which is mesmerising, QB is definitely the next big thing to come out of Pakistan, her upcoming album will be releasing next month and will definitely be a pleasure to listen to. We need to support our talent especially when our talent is so amazing. QB’s time is here. QB, abhi. 

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