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Education… Foundation of the Nation

“The foundation of every state is the education of its Youth." Diogenes Laertius

Education plays an essential role in country development. It increases productivity and efficiency of individual as well as raising the economic development of the country.

Education enables individuals in understanding what is happening all around very clearly and achieve success in life by utilizing skills in a productive way.
Education makes Nation stronger. Unfortunately, in Pakistan we are facing a very serious situation in the educational sector. Even after passing 66 years, still we have a worse literacy rate. According to UNESCO, more than 3 million girls are out of school in Pakistan, while spending on education has decreased to 2.3 percent of GDP in 2010.

It is also stated in report that Pakistan has the world’s second highest number of children out of school. The era of Musharraf invested heavily in educational sector that brought educational changes in Pakistan society. In his era, 9 world class engineering universities and 18 public sector universities were developed. The literacy rate in Pakistan was increased by 11 percent. Currently, 1.9% of total GDP is being spent on educational sector of 2013-2014 budgets There are also various problems in educational system due to which we can’t chase our

There are many flaws in our educational  lines, regional disparity, gender discrimination, untrained teachers, poverty etc. We have an unequal educational system in Pakistan. Medium of education and syllabus are
different in both public and private sectors.Regional disparity is also a cause. The country is divided into rural and urban areas.

Many areas are still under the feudal system, like in Baluchistan and interior Sindh, due to which people of that area are not many groomed and even most of them are uneducated due to feudalism. And gender discrimination is at peak in these rural areas.

In FATA, the literacy rate is awful, 29.5% in males and 3% in females.
Teachers in government schools (mostly in rural areas) are not trained. People who don’t get jobs, they try their luck in the educational system. Various private schools are opened and they don’t meet educational standards.
Poverty is also a major factor that restricts parent to send their children to schools.

They prefer to send them Madrrasas as having their own educational system. All the above discussed issues are the major causes of the high illiteracy rate and the failure of our educational system. As in the Constitution of Pakistan it is stated that “The state of Pakistan shall remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within minimum possible period”
But bad luck is that after such a long journey we are unable to increase our literacy rateand could not make Pakistan educationally independent. Still we have political involvement in this sector.

It is the duty of the govt. to take solid steps over educational development. All the educational institutes must have same educational system irrespective of class (poor or rich). The government should start awareness campaigns in rural areas. Serious steps should be taken in feudal areas where illiteracy rate is high.
Teachers must undergo necessary training at the start and during their career.

Educational policies must be independent of any political change. According to Article 25A, education is compulsory and free for every child. So the need of time is to implement that law because only due to education we can make Pakistan strong, stable
and developed country.

Long live Pakistan…..!

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