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Pakistani Soldier’s Life

The life when he had back then was entirely different from the day he entered the Military Academy. Each day of rigorous training was making him realize that the life of a soldier is not an easy one. He has to give the best years of his life to the nation. The freedom of the country depends upon the strength and courage of its soldiers and he was being trained to become tough enough to fight and survive.

He is transformed by the day he leaves the Academy. Now he no longer wonders how in the world these soldiers do things in such a disciplined manner. He knows soldiering is never about just a uniform. It is about the internal change that goes with putting on the uniform and deploying. In which the focus of life shifts and new principles take hold. From now on he is going his life on the line on a daily basis for the people of the country.


The unfathomable struggle that now ravages across the country and beyond borders in which religion, nationalism and terrorism have assumed unimaginable degree of ferocity has made the life of a Pakistani soldier tougher than ever.

He has to fight an enemy who is already ready to die and carries death in a vest. But he still fights and stands steady in the way to save all what and whom he loves and respects. He fights the magnitude of the pain he goes through when holding a friend in his arm while he dies. He gets no time to mourn and think that probably he is going to die too. Having bagged the body parts of his war buddy he feels guilty for returning back intact. He gets up and fights for what is right and against what is wrong.

Then he participates in reconstruction of the affected areas and bring the victims out of trauma. He wants to set an example for the tribal youth, win their hearts and let them know he vowed not to hesitate for any sacrifice for protection of the motherland from internal and external aggression. All over again he is ready to face the deadliest threats to keep the spirit of the nation alive and to let them know that he is there to defend as long as he or any of his fellow Pak soldiers are alive.


Not only in the battle field, even in the state of peace is a Pakistani soldier there to aid the civilians. He works round the clock to develop infrastructure across the country. As he knows how does it feel to stay away from the family and think of reminiscent moments spent with them. Sometimes in his own eyes he feels his shoulder’s heavy that he had failed to take care of his family like everyone else do. He feels a few letters to his wife does not make him a good husband, paying a visit once a year to his parents does not make him a good son.

But a heartfelt letter from someone back home saying how proud they are to have such son or husband fighting to defend them and his nation makes his day. He feels his strength is in the trust of the nation so the family he left behind have to try and live a normal life without him. The missed birthdays and innocent faces of his growing kids will haunt him forever but still he had to live on the love and reminders of home they send to him feel more at ease. For them and many others he has to ensure a better environment in the country. He has to help future generations to have a better life.


When it comes to natural calamities a Pakistani soldier does not let his institution down. He and his fellow Pakistani soldiers are called upon by civil administration for undertaking relief and rescue operations for protection of life and property during flood season. He stays content and move to places where his help is urgently required. The stranded families trust him and he infuse a new spirit in them.

Soon he gets involved in reconstruction of the damage done and bring things to normal. And when the disaster strikes again in the shape of the most devastating earthquake to hit the region in a century, he was there to assist the victims. He and his fellow Pakistani soldiers ensured the delivery of essential supplies to a widely dispersed group of displaced people before the much feared second wave of deaths that everyone felt the Himalayan winter would cause. This Pakistani soldier raised morale of the victims by providing selfless services and promoted a feeling of nationhood.

The vision of a Pakistani soldier is pure and clear. It is peace beyond borders through active diplomatic, moral and material support across the globe. He has been working as a leading member of UN peacekeeping troops. He carries the burden of injuries and funerals of his war buddies with pride and his commitment to global peace remains unwavering. That is why his performance has been acknowledged and applauded worldwide. His desire is to see the principles of human dignity and freedom applied everywhere without any regional discrimination.


In return he expects nothing but fair play in national and international dealings. But are we upto his aspirations? After all the sacrifices and peacekeeping efforts a Pakistani soldier makes we make him feel he is fighting an unpopular war rather than an unconventional war. Think of the unfortunate mixture of circumstances he faces fighting all kind of insurgency and still try to stay rational and content. Are those who fly flags and enjoy the comfort of liberty doing enough for a Pakistani soldier? It gives us all something to think about. We owe him and his family a serious thought at least.

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