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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Elsa in ‘Once Upon A Time’?

Most recently, I caught sight of an article that had enlisted some actresses as potential choices for the television portrayal of Elsa, a character from the Oscar winning film Frozen. Lucky for all Sarah Michelle Gellar fans, the 37-year old actress is also one of the six actresses who has been recommended for portraying Elsa in Once Upon A Time season four. The other five actresses in the list include Claire Holt, Dianna Agron, Idina Menzel, Amanda Schull and Elizabeth Mitchell.

This might shock some of you but ‘Once Upon A Time’ fans would love to see Gellar portray Elsa in season four of the series. What can I say? She is a great actress after all! The character, Elsa will be introduced this fall in the show and there is a heated debate among the fans as to who should play her character in season four of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ Being a huge fan of the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, I feel as if Sarah Michelle Gellar would do Elsa’s character justice. Undoubtedly, she is an amazing actress. All Sarah Michelle Gellar fans, including me want her back on television.

Furthermore, there is another factor that makes Gellar perfect for Elsa’s character. There is a rumor that Elsa might be showcased as a villain in season four of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ Now who knows how to play a villainous character better than Sarah Michelle Gellar herself? Her 1999 drama film, Cruel Intentions was an absolute masterpiece! Gellar played Kathryn Merteuil, the devious step sister of Sebastian Valmont. Gellar’s performance in the film garnered critical acclaim. Keeping this fact in mind, I believe that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be perfect for playing Elsa in ‘Once Upon A Time’ season four. Let’s hope this happens, soon!

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