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Pakistan’s Future with a MODIfied India

One year has passed since we have got an almost democratically elected government in Pakistan and Indian Elections have gone into final vote count. One of my Indian friends whilst speaking to me asked my opinion on Narendara Modi’s very possible election as the new Prime Minister of India. I halted for a moment looked back at him with a deep glare and answered him that now that he has become the Prime Minister of India. He has a big responsibility of becoming a national leader instead of a regional leader and onus is on him to make peace in the region. My friend could not agree less knowing that Modi’s coming in power could sound some sirens in Pakistan and if the effect not mellowed down could mean more simmering at the borders.

Now I personally never thought that Manmohan Singh who was an economist to the core and I respect him highly for which was never the aggressive type who would go ahead with a war. But with Modi around had the unfortunate incident of Mumbai attacks happened ; we could have been in a different situation altogether. Though I strongly feel that our Indian friends have expanded their covert presence in our country with accusations coming on the scene now and then. But I feel that they would not have let the Mumbai action go without response. Modi on the contrary would be with more animated in my opinion with more than a covert operation.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have tried to break the ice with calling Prime Minister elect Modi today giving him a congratulations call and invited him to visit Pakistan. Hmmm a moment of silence for our dear Prime Minister who thinks that by talking peace and acting in the name of negotiations he can play long with his strategy . Does he really think that Prime Minister elect Modi’s first agenda would be to visit and sought peace in Pakistan under the threat of terrorist attacks from people like Hafiz Saeed who is practically in bed with the PML N government. Is he naive or thinks that Prime Minister elect Modi is naïve enough? I am sure he intends to safeguard his exports of cement and sugar to our neighboring country. Nothing wrong with which but if this would be an act with which the whole nation benefits and not only the Sharif’s & Co.

I am sure ousting of Congress which made India a financial stronghold on the world map but still the feeling of not being the regional power due to indecisiveness must be on their minds and since they have gotten the money and recognition they needed a strong leadership on the top to get them there. Do we really think that a personality like that of Nawaz Sharif can bring balance on the table? Do we really think that our Prime Minister would be able to garner the troops and masses behind him? I have heard him talking a lot about peace with India and how close he was in 1997 when Vajpayee got invited to Pakistan and blames General Pervez Musharraf for the break of the relation ship due to Kargil . He forgets the fact that India is not stupid that they would enter into a peace venture with Pakistan or had gone into it in the past knowing his relationships with the extreme right of the country. Now some might argue that this give Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif more leverage since he might have influence on the same extreme right. But that we have seen recently when Hafiz Saeed and Co remains un-checked and at the same time Talibans are giving the government a tough time though there is an un easy ceasefire between both the sides.

With the opposition gearing up against Nawaz Sharif . I feel that our Prime Minister has missed the plot and would be seen as a weak Prime Minister by India which means as equal as a Zero incentive to enter into any type of negotiations with him. At this stage I feel that though Nawaz Sharif has gotten an absolute majority and with government in Punjab Assembly. He still looks like a weak Prime Minister. Weaker than even Yousaf Raza Gilani in the last term. The accusations of rigging across Punjab has raised a great question mark on him being a people’s representative by PTI and Imran Khan though no angel’s of their own. I feel Mr. Narendara Modi (PM elect) of India would not only think once but a dozen times to engage with him at this stage. I personally feel if I would be Prime Minister of India knowing that Nawaz Sharif’s weakening relationship with Pakistan Army would play the game to widen the wedge and putting conditions on him so that he may force his hand on our Army and the intelligence under the guise of negotiations or overtures of the type and delay it enough to see if he is strong enough to guarantee peace with India at all. Both ways Modi can be a winner using Nawaz Sharif as a pawn. Whilst on one side he can use him to pressurize our intelligence forces but on the other hand he could use him on the extreme right. On both sides he may be the winner.

Now Nawaz Sharif who would keep his eye on economics to slip through in my view would look very weak if at all comes to it sitting across the table with the future elected Prime Minister of India. We have already seen his weak decision making and his weak dictation taking personality when visiting US and UK recently. We have seen his weak demeanor to save his government in front of Talibans and more recently his weak executive role when he made a former President sit next to him in convening a meeting to seek ultimate solution on Karachi Operation.

How in the world Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif being in bed with Jihadists and Talibans would first bring peace to Pakistan and than to the region? The question has an answer to infinity in negative. We all know as I have written before that unless he takes positions in the interest of peace. He would end up wasting every one’s time and infact might throw each nation or affectee further apart. Not going far I am not ready to trust him unless he starts an operation sincerely against Talibans in Karachi . I wonder how would India trust him?

With PM elect Modi in India ; we need some one with a strong personality who could wield enough power domestically by intent or coercion ruling Pakistan . This individual could be democratically elected or otherwise. But the individual shall be seen in control; taking decisions not safeguard his own business interests but that of Pakistan’s and at the same time defending the Pakistan which was envisaged by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and not by Mullah Omar or Fazalullah or Jamaat e Islami or even PTI.

I am hopeful and conscious at the same time on seeing PM elect Modi getting an absolute majority in financially strong India. This could go either ways for our country. All the more reason where we need a more stable, stronger and decisive government in the interest of Pakistan who instead of dividing the nation is seen uniting it and which instead of seen weakening the image of our Pakistan Army to stay in power is seen strengthening it . Something which is needed more than necessary after the conclusion of this election in India. Now this change may be forced constitutionally . I don’t know. But we need it now so that both sides have enough time to bond , gain confidence, build measures and resolve the issue for good amicably without giving up what is our rightfully ours but gaining ground on basis of merit. With Nawaz Sharif it looks impossible! But for Pakistan we need to establish change as peace with India is key for our progress. Pakistan Zindabad!

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