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What Imran needs to do?

Stalin famously said: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who caste the votes decides nothing. The people who count the vote decides everything”

Khan is angry and deservedly so, his party did two years not stop struggle for winning the elections and the opponents did it on the elections day by using unfair means .The elections were rigged and the mandate of the people was stolen on the May of 11,2013. He demanded neutral umpires for the elections but was given those care takers who were biased. The anger among the party persons and general public has not minimized yet.
The people came out, were hopeful for change.

 If there is one man who takes credit of the political awareness among the youth, that is Imran Khan. Khan was lucky to born in a family that helped him realize his potential as a person. His integrity and optimism inspired the people very much. He is a Pakistani superman.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf formed government in Khyber Pakhtun Khwaa after getting second highest number of votes from the country. No doubt this province is difficult to handle as compared to other provinces because it is facing multi problems.The major problem of the province is the terrorism in the country. Imran wants talks with the Taliban yet there is a long distance to travel to bring something from the dialogues.

The health condition of the people KPK is also far from satisfactory and needs attention .Besides many good steps taken to improve education the condition is not different from the past.it needs further improvement.
PTI has to perform in KPK to prove that it is much better from the traditional political parties. Another reason I do not want PTI to fail in the province because all the other parties like PML (N), PPP, ANP, MQM have failed to deliver whenever they got chance.

So PTI chief and his team should learn that an independent ECP is necessary, the people who helped in rigging must be brought before justice, doing protest against the Election Commission is fair but do not forget your promises you did with the people before getting their votes. People have high expectations from you .you have to deliver and the people will vote on the basis of performance not promises next time.

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