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Karachi is the biggest cosmopolitan city of PAKISTAN. It is a city where one will find people from every creed and race working together. Some migrate from small towns and villages to Karachi to earn their livelihood, some to get education in universities of Karachi which are is considered to be the top universities of PAKISTAN, and some to make their businesses shine.

Thus in one or another way every one has to use public transports every day. Especially it is a need for lower middle class and middle class families to avail these public transports. They uses buses, taxis, chinchis(QINGQI), rickshaws. With it one will see big big trucks, containers increasing the traffic load. Traffic situation in Karachi is getting worst in every passing day. Karachi witnesses’ intense traffic jams every day. It is not just the number of vehicles increasing in Karachi being dangerous but the alarming situation is the increasing incidents of accidents every day which is the result of rash driving of the drivers of public buses, rickshaws, taxis.

9:00am and 5:00 is the time when people go and come back from their offices. This is the time when you can see dozens of people waiting for the buses to come. The bus when arrives, the scenario is worth watching. Public in buses are not considered as human but mere luggage that can be forced into buses as much as possible so that conductor can make spaces for more passengers.  And then when the driver starts the bus, they do not seem to value human lives. They drive irresponsibly and recklessly which results in loss of several lives every day.

Most of the time you will see them racing with other buses, in which they take turns suddenly, over take other buses , hence drive in a break neck speed. The contribution of chinchi (qingqi) rickshaw in this race is not less than buses.  It is the irregular fares of public transports and CNG closures which have given rise to the popularity of chinchi rickshaws. They are ruling in Karachi in almost very street. Chinchi is a vehicle in which not more than 6 or 7 passengers should be seated. But to get more money driver donot even care about the capacity the chinchi can possess instead they try to make spaces for as much people as they can.

Drivers of chinchis also seem to ignore the rules of traffic and driversin a pacy manner without even considering the dangerous outcomes their rash driving can bring. Because I my self have seen many times that a pacy chinchi with loads of people when tries to cross a speed breaker it turns over. Then what happens, people in embarrassment getup again, get on to the chinchis again and continue their unpredictavle journey. In this race of reaching destination early the young blood seem to be very much enthusiastic.  It seems the roads are just meant for them when they are on motor bikes. They forget every one around them  in their death defying adventures of bikes.

Thus in Karachi every single person is in a race which is fast, which is furious and yes which is death defying. It has to be solved because the frequency and number of accidents are increasing in a very dangerous manner. The traffic rules and regulations does not  seem to exist in Karachi which has lead the drivers to ignore the rules of traffic and concentrate more on reaching their destination on time. Measures should be taken to stop this violation in the form of various punishments.  Fearing laws by the drivers is the only way to control their rash and irresponsible driving;

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