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Combat the Sun’s Blaze

In our region, summers are more than unpleasant and uneasy; the hot and humid weather is an instant risk to health, particularly for children and older people. As the mercury is rising day by day, so is the probability of high temperature triggered heat-sickness such as heat exhaustion, heat syncope (fainting), heat strokes, low blood pressure, skin rashes, seizures, nausea and dehydration.

When the heat wave is on, do not let the scorching sun get the best of you. So try following simple tips to keep yourself cool and composed when the blazing sun is roasting everyone else.

  1. Drinking an adequate amount of water during summers is quite imperative. Many people opt for carbonated soft drinks but non-carbonated fluids during physical exertion help a lot to curb the dehydration.
  2. Stay away from all sort of caffeinated drinks, for the simple reason; caffeine has diuretic properties – a cause of dehydration.
  3. Try your best to stay indoors or choose to sit under some shades. By avoiding the direct sun exposure, the body retains its energy and stays at safe temperature level.
  4. Finish all your tasks and open-air chores in the early hours or late in the day.
  5. An eight hour standard sound sleep routine is also a must during summers.
  6. Keep away from all saturated fatty, heavy, oily servings of food along with processed and junk foodstuff.
  7. Turn away from all hot and spicy meals as spices and seasoning produce heat and boost the rate of perspiration.
  8. Eating plenty of vegetable and fruit based salads and meals keep you hydrated. The light and refreshing diet is also easy in digestion during hot and humid days.
  9. Dress according to the weather conditions. Do not wear double layered outfits; go for natural fabrics for instance; pure cotton and lawn. Avoid synthetic clothes.  
  10. Choose light cool colours and loose fitted clothing to help the body to evaporate sweat easily.
  11. The best way to avoid hazardous UV rays of sun is to apply sun-block before leaving your home. Always wear dark sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  12. To all the ladies reading this, please avoid heavy based make-up, as it blocks the skin pores resulting in summer acne. Wash your face twice with a mild face wash.

Follow above mentioned easy rules and then have gratification and pleasure during the hot sunny days!

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