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Stand up now for pakistan NOW!!!

So far the loss of many precious lives has been claimed by the terrorists. Pakistan has lost many souls in this blood bath. If it weren’t for the gallant defense of the Pakistan Armed Forces enduring offensive attacks and conducting counter responses, the country would have been in a much worse condition. Salute to the officers and men of the brave armed forces who are guarding the defenses day & night and for those who lost their lives in the line of duty, in the line of defense.

But no war can be won till the whole nation is on one page. Sadly despite being at war for the last decade, there still are circles who keep themselves indifferent. They are not fully apprised of the factual situation or they lack the courage to see the ultimate truth. The sheer crux of this war is about defending the sovereignty of Pakistan and eradicating all internal enemies. This war has nothing to do with any imposed foreign agenda. It has to do for what is right. And being Pakistani we can never and we must not allow any terrorist to operate in our lands.

Some people are playing neutrality. They not only lack the courage to admit to the atrocities of the terrorists but also provide a soft corner by being silent. This is not the time for playing grey; its either black or white.It’s time to take a side. Unless we have the courage to say what is right and what is wrong, we will be engulfed in the flames of war. It’s about time we decide which side we play our part.

One side is the side of light; the white side; the side of peace, tolerance, moderation, enlightenment and prosperity. This side promotes a modern, educated, healthy and sovereign Pakistan. This side has kept Pakistan going for last 66 years. This side is the one envisaged and struggled for, by the Muslims of the sub continent. This side promotes education. It has build schools and provides equal learning and prospering opportunities for girls and boys. In this side we have given the women respect and confidence to be a doctor, a teacher, a pilot, a banker, a politician and an Armed Forces officer.

This is the side where the health facilities are extended to save the lives and make the lives better. This is the side where the tolerance is being educated; tolerance for each other, tolerance for other religions, tolerance for opinions and tolerance for the mutual difference. This is the side where the masajids are used for prayers and the places of worships are respected. That side has looked after each other in times of calamities, floods, earthquakes and other disasters. This side is governed by the law. This side integrates the Pakistan, its constitution, the government of Pakistan, the Armed Forces of Pakistan, its sovereignty and the people of Pakistan.

The other side is of darkness. The Black side is of the mindset who wants to push the country back to the pre history. That is the side that brings disasters to the homes of the innocent citizens. This is the side where the men, women and children are killed with cruelty in bomb blasts while they are busy in the markets. This is the side that martyrs the people with bombing who are busy in offering their prayers to Allah.

This is the side that destroys the masajids, churches and places where people come together to praise God. This is the side that sabotages the schools and denies the girl education. In this side, the loved ones are murdered ruthlessly and beheaded just for sports. This side not only denies women with basic education, but also denies them any kind of respect. Polio vaccination teams have been murdered by this side so that the children should not be saved from the deadly polio virus. Lady health workers are killed so that they do not provide health care services to the women at home.

This side has the blood of more than fifty thousand Pakistanis on their hands. Hundred thousands have gone handicapped by this side of mass murderers. This is the side that has no respect for the religion they claim to follow. This side denies the education, modernism, the technology and the global immediacy. This is the side that openly denies the constitution and any kind of law. This is the side that offers nothing but in-tolerance, ignorance and weapons of destruction.

It is up to us which side we chose to be on. Either we choose Pakistan or the enemies of Pakistan. If we choose Pakistan we resolve to stand out by government and our armed forces while they take every possible measure to defend and safeguard Pakistan from all evil forces. It is time we say and say aloud what’s right. It’s about time we take a side and stop this indifference and impartiality and choose between the white and black and come out of this grey noise. Because if not we then who, if not now then when are we going to stand for Pakistan?

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