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Imposing a form of life through brutality and force is no humanity. No religion encourages massacres, kidnapping and rape to promote its agenda. This is exactly what the Nigeria’s extremist group Boko Haram needs to understand that by kidnapping young girls, depriving them of their education right is no service to Islam.

The flame in the media these days is the kidnapping of 270 school girls between the ages of five – fifteen which is ignominious both for, Nigeria and Islam. The crime of the budding children is that they had mustered courage to walk to school for education in the conflict zone of North Nigeria where there is no rule of law and the state has failed to fulfill its duties in protecting its citizens. Boko Haram, ruthless group is behind this absurd act, its leader Abu Shekau is doing all this in the name of Islam and against Western Education.

Let this point be very clear, that Islam has never opposed female education, lest education itself. It has always taken a strong stance towards wisdom and research provoking its followers to question doubts that arise in their mind. Suppressing and oppressing minds is not the real Islam, it might be what Boko Haram follows. They actually need to get it clear that their atrocities are giving a bad name to almost two billion Muslims worldwide.This patriarchal mentality needs to cease wherein Abu Shekau has a delusion that Allah has commanded him to sell women in the market and execute pogrom. Allah is not the lord of the Muslims; he is the lord of humanity. For goodness sake, don’t manipulate His vision!

What I simply fail to understand is that how could Western education be sinful? This is exactly the reason why the innocent girls have been trapped by the beasts.  Education is education, no matter its western or eastern. No concept of west and east was present when the holy Prophet made it mandatory for every man and woman to seek education. This is the question that the Boko Haram needs to answer, as to which Prophet they follow. The other argument that the group puts across is that they want the implementation of sharia, somebody please go tell these laggards that sharia doesn’t mean to impose ideas, vandalize and suffocate humanity.

The utter grievance is that theoil rich Nigeria has kept this issue on the back burner, its eyes focused on the meeting of the World Economic Forum happening in the capital. The parents are pleading for help, their cries are neglected, and they seek no hopes in their state. Few of them have also gone into the jungle to find their fairies. The US has jumped in to give military and intelligence help. President Obama said, “You’ve got one of the worst regional or local terrorist organizations in Boko Haram in Nigeria”. No doubt, this group has become more barbarous, merciless and harsh since 2009 after Abu Shekau became its leader.

"I enjoy killing anyone that God commands me to kill, the way I enjoy killing chickens and rams," he said in a video released in 2012 after an aggressive incursion on the city of Kano that left at least 180 people dead, mostly military men and their families.  According to him Western education swing people away from Islam. It is on the very catalog of mindset, he’s aggregated hundreds of heartless men who help in his dirty work.

The issue has gained huge recognition across the world, from child activist Malala Yousafzai to US first lady Michelle Obama, from former U.N secretary general Kofi Annan to Nigeria’s Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka. All joining voices in support of the young schoolgirls. The Nigerian government has to look into this case seriously to bring back our girls. Those innocent girls must be waiting for a messiah to appear and save them from pitiless savages. Islam inoculates love, peace and honors women, and not treacherous lifestyle.

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