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Karachi the city of lights or terrorism ?

The city of lights Karachi. The largest economic hub of Pakistan, unfortunately these days have become a victim of terrorism. Continued violence and target killing in the city has spread fear amongst the citizens of the metropolitan. It seems like that the wave of talibinaztion has shifted from the northern side of the Pakistan  to the city of lights.

Being the largest economic hub of the country the culprits have chosen this city to destabilize it socially and economically. Which ultimately has a negative effect on the businesses of the country directly or indirectly. The rate of target killings in the city has increased rapidly in the past few months, whereas law enforcers seem to be helpless in controlling such incidents.

The recent wave of violence in which a sitting MPA of MQM has assassinated in daylight after Friday prayers has raised many questions amongst the citizens of the metropolitan. It is asked that if the life of a sitting MPA is impossible for the law enforcers to protect then how they are going to provide a safe and secure atmosphere to a common man. Though the law and enforcement agencies for the past few months are quite busy in their so called Targeted Operation in which they have arrested several culprits from different areas of the city but still there is no fall in the incidents of violence. Rangers have been quite active in the past few months in which they have raided many areas of the city including Manghoopir, Teaser town, Sohrab Goth and Lyari where they have arrested numerous militants of banned groups such as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). In spite of such operations the situation of the city does not seem to be under control. Militant groups apart from the targeted Operation against them somehow manage to continue their militancy in the city in which they are not only targeting the citizens but also the law enforcers and government officials.

Another misery of this situation is that whenever any government official is being targeted in the city such as the MPA of MQM recently assassinated by the terrorists, it leads the city towards a strike and a complete shutdown of business activities. Such strikes and shutdowns have caused the severe downfall in the business activities and has made the life of daily waged labor a living hell. The daily ratio of killings in the city is around 7 which includes pedestrians, citizens, law enforcers and now even government official and ministers. The Law enforcers and especially the government need to give serious attention to this issue, the need for effective measures to control violence in the city should be their first priority as the citizens believe themselves to be helpless in this situation.

It is the duty of the government to gain the trust of the citizens of the metropolitan as it produces business not for the city only but for the whole country. Else it would be difficult in the near future for the government to survive.

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