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Still, I Dream for a Serene Karachi..

Karachi, the world’s 7th largest city and Economical Hub of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Millions of people living here with their thousands of colliding problems of daily life. Giving up a one serious look and you would find them all. However, the current dynamics of Karachi has changed so far from the past which I lived in the era till 2009, when people enjoyed their business, life and a lightened environment. But condition changed with the passage of time.

Facing the today’s life of City of Lights, every street/road has been colored with the blood of innocent citizens. Where workers of the political movement are been arrested not on the criminal activities but on their ethnicity, cast, color and etc. A city of 2 million people don’t even get a life for day without such custodial or ethnic violence. Writ of the Government is being challenged everyday but who cares? Neither State nor any other! Such non-serious attitude give huge rise to other server crimes which puts a big question over the controlling capacity of law and order by the designated LEAs. The grieved families of martyred souls protest for a day or while and get back taking their case to the biggest Court of Almighty. 

On other part talking about the services, when I want to travel to any place for my work, I have to face such a journey which takes my mind towards the life of a villager. Rather than having a properly seated transport service, I, including thousands of other, have to hang over the roof and rods of public transport. But thanks to transport mafia on driving “Chingchi” service (a bike-based rickshaw), sign of rural transport, in my international city. Unfortunately that very rural service is also en-rooting over lives with unbalances and unfit vehicles. Whereas, looking into my past, I used to travel on “Green Bus Service” which was introduced by ex-local government. I still remember when people traveled so safely and easily with-in a short time and without any such problems.

A city, which had been owned by almost every citizen, was rising to the sky, when the provincial and federal government sacked the Local Government system and till yet there is no one to think and do something for the betterment of Karachi-ites. The largest city of the state, which has been known as the highest tax-payer, still has the least representation in the Provincial and Federal Houses. 

No-one actually cares today that where our peaceful and enlightened Karachi has been driven to. But being a Karachi-ite, I still dream. I dream of a city, where people are not being killed or murdered on the basis of their ethnicity, cast and religious following. I dream where there’s a Full-Stop over Violence. I dream where education prevails and development increases. I dream for a city where justice is never delayed. I dream where solutions comes before the problem reaches. I dream for a city where there is no room of extremism, terrorism, thugs and other anti-state’s elements. I believe in brother-hood, harmony, peace, love, prosperity, success and a revolutionary leadership who not only rules the state, province or just a city but also the heart of Millions of Karachi-ites and for this dream, I have to stand up, I have to change myself. No matter what others say, what I think for my Karachi matters for me. Stand up for your own worth at-least, or ready to die being worthless..!

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