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11 May vs. Nation

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11 May 2013, the day of HOPE, the day of New VISION, and the day of DETERMINATION. The day when the people of a nation decided to change the future of their country. The day when a nation had used the power of vote to fight against Status Quo.

The polls recorded a massive, highest ever turnout of 60%- 65%. It was all due to the huge response of the youth for the first time in the history of Pakistan politics. They had casted votes against the status quo mafia. Unfortunately, again the status quo hijacked the election and took over the government.

Youth has clearly supported the party that raised the slogan for “Change”, a real change for democracy, a new Pakistan, a corruption free Pakistan. No doubt, PTI woke up people and provoked them to speak up for their rights inculcated them the spirit of democracy by revealing the importance of their votes. People came out of their houses to cast their vote in such a hot season. Not only youth but sexagenarian & octogenarian were coming out for casting vote with enthusiasm.

There was huge rigging reported in General Elections of 2013. The Status Quo Mafia had stolen the mandate of AAM Adami. People tried to change their fate but their votes had been changed. Social media even now is filled with rigging videos. Now the question that arises, Is the electoral system of Pakistan to be blamed OR Is the system so weak that it could be manipulated so easily?

In my opinion, yes our electoral system is so weak that the status quo and corrupt people can easily rig the elections. In this modern world still we don’t have a biometric system to reduce the chances of rigging. Corrupt, uneducated and selfish people are nominated again and again. Fake degree holders are our MNAs and MPAs. Their power for hunger is so strong that no ethical or social value means anything to them and they will do everything to come in power.

Judiciary didn’t take the notice of rigging in the election. The Nation waits and wants justice from the judiciary but it’s very sad that nation remains hopeless. People shouted for their rights, for their mandate but judiciary didn’t take any action. Today again whole nation demands its rights. They want justice. They want a stronger electoral system. They are struggling for the status quo free system. They are struggling to save the future of the next generation.

Actually this is not the true Democracy where mandate of people is hijacked by corrupt Mafia. 11 May was the stigma on the face of Democracy, which will always be remembered in the history of Pakistan. All those who were involved in rigging of election in any aspect, are the criminals of this poor Nation. History will always remember this day and Nation will celebrate it as a Black day……!!!!

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