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Health is still wealth!

In a materialistic world, where a child is destined to study best, a mother is expected to bring up her child in the best possible manner and where a father is struggling hard for his family; the chances of maintaining the best health get lesser and lesser.

The modern technological advances have made life easier than ever, further increasing the threats for healthy living, as people resist walking, playing and performing other physical activities. With life getting easier, people have become sedentary. The result is disastrous. Have a careful look around and you find people faced with anaemic diseases, depression, obesity, diabetes and that too at a very young age. 

The generations before us lived a physically active life. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases which are common these days were unheard of at their times. What were the measures that they took and we are lacking in this era? What is so special about them which kept them active and healthy? What is the secret which we are missing and if not adopted can put us into health hazards.

Our forefathers were nature lovers. They got up early. Early rising was the habit which made their day comfortable. They breathed fresh air, devoid of the pollution for which human seems to be responsible. They had proper and scheduled sleep, as well as rest and relaxation time. They used to rise early and sleep early.

When we observe today’s generation, late night sitting is nothing unusual for anyone, enjoying movies late nights, ending parties after 12 pm have become part of their life. We neither relax peacefully nor do we enjoy our sleep which has become the core reason of depression. Today’s youth are eager to sit for prolonged period of time and work on computer where as our ancestors walked a lot and used to do a lot of physical activity which kept them energetic and healthier than us. But now if we look at our-self, we hate to walk even to cover small distances. We do not eat on time. And if we eat, the intake is random, i.e. either we eat too much or too less. And many of us use junk food, which has severe negative consequences for our health.

These habits have made us prone to many negative physical conditions, including obesity, which further leads to many dangerous diseases. Whereas our ancestors had proper food timings and enjoyed healthy food like vegetables, pulses.

If we do not realize that this mechanical, yet immobile, physical lifestyle can darken the health prospect for this generation, we will not be able to save ourselves from diseases, known and unknown. 

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