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AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) & PTI – Similar Story Across The Border

I am not a fan of Imran Khan, neither do I support PTI, but emergence of PTI in last general elections was the most important highlight of the whole election episode. PTI was successful to an admirable level regarding mobilization of youth. Disappointment of youth from both PPP and PML(N) also resulted in a major advantage for PTI, where a large number of voters supported IK only because he was not tested before. PTI channelized the frustration among masses and won a sizeable number of seats and was able to get governance of KPK. From that point on, the fairy tale of change is over and rest is nothing more than a repetition of what has been happening to this country for more than 50 years now.

In Pakistan, ruler and the ruled are poles apart not only in their lifestyles, but also in their concerns, issues and problems. Former is busy with forward block, backward block, horse trading, floor crossing, etc. while later is tackling hunger, poverty, inflation, unemployment, etc. With PTI in control of KPK govt., day dreamers were banking heavily on their sporting legend to bridge this gap but, unfortunately, their dreams were over soon and what followed was nothing but a nightmare.

The biggest democracy in the world, India, is also going through election process these days. No doubt that India and Pakistan have totally different dynamics regarding elections but still, I feel that they share something common; emergence of third political party with the motto of change. In India, this slogan is chanted by AAP (Aam Aadmi Party or Common Man Party) which has found considerable support among youth, just like PTI cemented her political standing with the support of same segment of society. Like Pakistan, India has been ruled by two political parties for decades, Indian National Congress and Bhartia Janata Party (BJP). People have witnessed their rule and are frustrated with both of them. They are looking for a change, a new political party, which can mobilize youth to their potential; a party that represents ‘common man’ rather than ruling elite of the country, and, such promises are the bloodline of AAP. Just like PTI, supporters of AAP can’t stand any argument against their leader Anand Kajrewal, who is the leading figure of the new born party. You can visit any forum of Facebook page to witness the hostile behavior of AAP supporters towards their opponents. It actually reminds of election days in Pakistan when you just can’t dare to point a finger towards PTI, if you do so; you will be bombed with thousands of comments, most of them will be really disgusting and disrespectful.

One more similarity is the attraction of youth icons; for example, PTI was joined by Ibrar-ul-Haq and was supported by Shahzad Roy. AAP has been joined by famous MTV Roadies host Raghu Ram who is popular among youth for his badmouthing with the contestants (this example would have been more appropriate if Pakistani version of Raghu Ram aka Waqar Zaka, also joined PTI). Like PTI, many ‘seasoned’ politicians have joined AAP with hope to get into assembly again. Election pundits have already predicted that AAP will have a sizeable number of seats under her belt, just like PTI did.

I am quite sure that this mantra of change will have same climax in India as it has seen in Pakistan. AAP & PTI both got popular support because people were running out of options. Their supporters will not see any real change in governance and ruling. If option A and option B are not correct, it doesn’t necessarily mean that option C is.

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