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Decency, Dignity and Discipline

Human is very adept at taking inspiration from the surroundings. The inspiration can come to him from anywhere or in any mode. It may be an eagle flying high in the sky inspiring him to go following his aspirations or shinning starts in the night for remaining hopeful even in the dark time of his life. The interesting aspect of his taking inspiration nature is that sometimes even words leave an intrinsic impact on him. Books-do play a part for making many of the readers to take inspiration from them and certainly these are actually some subtle and very meaningful words that capture the readers’ attention.

Let me say at first that I am also an adherent to, “action speaks louder than words” but simultaneously accept that some words are so persuasive that only the utterance of those words is enough for the listener to think and act upon accordingly. A few days back, some words inspired me the same way that I must have heard many time since my childhood. Obviously, I have heard a lot before but this time these words came to me in different manner to catch my thoughts. Those worthy words are decency, dignity and discipline. We all have been hearing these words many a time but for me these words came with a strong convincing power recently as I heard with a new perspective from the head of my institution-a big thank to the veteran lady. Perhaps all the charm is because of putting these words together and making an interesting and catchy alliteration.

Guys it’s true that nowadays, uncertain circumstances come as the first factor shaping our lives and behavior. Indeed, it is also irrefutable that thus we are succumbed to such kind of events that there is no longer attention for the norms and values that some meaningful words carry to us just as the three words mentioned above. If a scrutiny is carried out so it will be easily identifiable that we are least bother to include such norms that have been a dogma to our ancestors.

Decency, dignity and discipline are same normative words that I want to talk about here but actually have an intention to talk about what meaning they have and also what is the importance of these words’ meanings carry to us as an individual. Let’s have a look about each in detail.

Decency; it is meant for any act or even a manner of speech that is of high standard in all the ways and in simple words that is all good in all ways. However, it is mostly associated with the person’s appearance too. It is observed everywhere that such good acts and words are not only accepted socially but appreciated highly. A person carrying good manners both in speech and conduct always get into notice in the social meetings at once and is being attended wholeheartedly. 

Talk about dignity, the literal meaning tells that some sort of honour that a person earns in the life by way of again conducting well deeds and even by good speech. The person who earns the dignity always is upright not in the manner of arrogance or materialistic but being sure of the respect that he has earned in one’s life. Definitely, one should remember that dignified stature comes in reciprocal way when we have or show the same level of respect to others. So it is much apposite to say that such worth can also be earned when it is given to others equally.

Last comes discipline that has been very wrongly associated only with the institutions and particularly to the educational institutions. As a matter of fact, discipline has much more worth for every individual’s life. As it teaches training and it might be of any sort related with any aspect of our lives. Yes, socially it is more taken of the behavior and for every one who cares for their surroundings.

After this discussion on the meanings lets have a look what is carried with these words for an individual. Even as daily practice, we all know that these are the key words to have everything what is said the charisma of a personality. One needs not to have done Himalayan tasks but has to bring the conduct under the realm of decency, dignity and discipline. A boundary of walls should not limit one’s conduct as to call being disciplined rather discipline should be followed by a person every where. Dignity, as mentioned earlier is more to give and then to earn in return is also when no one is hurt of us and we enjoy an honorable life with every person around us. Then our code of conduct happens to be so right that it has no regret and also not a sense of fear.

These three words have often been heard but one just need to have a check how far do we get benefited of such beautiful words and we act persuaded by them. These are just around us but unfortunately many of us over look and go selecting something lesser than these words rather acts. These are the reason for the very fact that traits like decency, dignity and discipline is treated ill or have been engulfed in the walls of institutions. It should not be meant or taken as sheer criticism but as a reminder that all this would not be forgotten in the future.

We hail and talk the movie heroes but here we are unaware of the fact that God has given every person a chance to be hero within ourselves by providing intention and determination. So the only thing needed here is to have an honest intention for an unwavering determination. No matter, how circumstances go towards our ends but we at least we would try to remain what we have decided to be. Needless to say that with out an iota of doubt these are traits that even go farther of being a hero. They leave making person a super person or one who has excelled others in terms of good behavior. Certainly, such people live a life which is one in every aspect and they are free of double standards or dichotomy of personality. They enjoy a beautiful synchronization of one’s words and deeds and that’s what even our religious teachings demands too.

So let’s be the hero of oneself and lead the life in a way that you are being admired by every one you meet or talk on your face and at your back too. You are not praised for your clothes or accessories but the principles you carry within yourself and by the way these can be used free of cost and yet it makes you so worthy among others. You excel and excel on the basis of your principles and so dignity comes all the ways and you go on the top!

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