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How to Prevent Malaria in Children? : Checklist

Malaria is a serious blood disease that is particularly dangerous to children due to their immature immunity.It is mostly transmitted by the bite of an infected female mosquito however infected blood transfusion and contaminated syringes and needles are also responsible for malaria propagation.

Efforts are being  undertaken to make the malaria the disease of  the past by raising awareness among the masses through campaigns and by distributing informative literature. As Malaria is one of the top most killer of children the basic measures should be known to every mom to  keep their children safe from Malaria.

Û±Here are few simple measures which should be practised by every mom at home:

1-Buy a mosquito net at the first instance. A net with small meshes, no holes and be able to tucked under the bed is the best choice.

2-The child should be well covered while sleeping. A light coloured long sleeved shirt, pant and socks/ covered shoes is the ideal night suit.

3-Insect proofing all the sleeping rooms by covering the windows, doors, small ventilators in the wash rooms toilets with gauze.

Û²4-Use of insect repellents over the exposed areas of the body, Be aware of any allergic reactions (rashes , itching etc). Don't apply over the cuts, wounds on very small babies.

5-Keep the room airy and well lit because mosquito are unable to withstand the fast breeze
Most important, keep all the medicines, sprays and other dangerous aerosols out of reach of children,

6-If the child has cycles of chills, fever, and sweating, Don't panic, seek immediate medical help. Delaying the treatment can lead to serious complications.

7-A healthy lifestyle and clear surroundings is essential as Malaria is a totally preventable disease.

Stay Healthy and Stay Aware !!!

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