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Jaag Raha hai Pakistan

Pakistan Army, We Stand by You!

It’s really amazing to see how GEO has been bashed from all corners. “Shayad Makafat-e-Amal hai yeh”… What an irony with Hamid Mir who even failed to get some sympathies upon a murder attempt instead many people are standing against him/GEO after this reported/claimed attack. Haroon-ur-Rasheed and Mubashir Luqman showed some courage to start a Wave of resistance against defaming/alleging ISI and Pakistan armed forces. People are finding/linking similarities between this incident and Malala Shooting. Worthy to note, International media took full advantage of both events and defamed Pakistan to their limits. My initial reaction (as facebook status) while watching GEO allegations was as:

“Hey GEO stupids: Do not try to decrease height of ISI by blaming them for this Hamid Mir attack…This is our Lion ISI, not a Bunny like any other coward intelligence agency around.. If ISI was involved in this attack, they would have made sure the JOB DONE!”

And so was the reaction of each and every Patriotic Pakistani who loves Pakistan and thinks Pak Army as lifeline of beloved country. We then witnessed a series of strong Pro-Pakistani programs by many TV channels, ARY NEWS in particular. I would request all TV channels at this moment to act as responsible/honest Pakistanis and not take this just an opportunity to bring down their rival channel. Reporting should be representative of hearts of Patriotic Pakistanis based on nothing but Truth and should be in line with the best interests of Pakistan.

A day after this attack, I was just switching between ARY and GEO, talk shows were going on. GEO’s transmission quality was much superior and video quality was just awesome. But most importantly, I sensed a clear divide between Pro-Pakistani elements on ARY News and people with loud voices and weak arguments on GEO. How could you first blame a supreme national institution first and then stand firm on your shameless allegations? And then in coming days, everyone saw what happened to these elements who tried to defame Pakistan forces. Social media was fully activated while people supported Pro-Pakistan elements overwhelmingly. In my circle, everybody was against the attitude of GEO/Jang group. Then we saw people remembering Malala Baji in a very funny manner and Twitter wali Dadi Jaan was just hilarious. It seems Pakistan has taken a Big Yawn and back on its feet coming out of a long dream.

Then finally there was formal complaint launched against GEO/Jang and then Pak Army banned GEO/Jang within their premises. “Dair Ayad Durust Ayad” Wish to see a due bashing and logical/just ending to this story soon across the horizon, Ameen…

Now as we live today, there is a clear line between people with GEO stance and people standing against it. People with GEO stance contain “Few Dana Dushman and Few Na-daan dost” and they are highlighting weaknesses, corruption and weaknesses that may exist within the forces. We listen to some common sentences like “If some Journalist visits Indian Embassy then he is Traitor but if Gen. Zia visits Bangalore or Musharraf visits Aagrah then still their Patriotism is safe. Restriction is only on Journalists that they can not meet Indians”…The answer to such voices is very simple “timing matters my friend timing”. We should ask our selves; is this right time to bash our own Army??? While we know that Pakistan Armed forces and Intelligence agencies remains lifeline for our country and enemies try to finish them by creating distances between them and nation.

I wrote an article earlier this year link to which is as follows:


I would recommend readers to read it specially, read "Neeru with Bansuri of Disinformation" and ask yourself is this right time to raise questions to our own lifeline???

I would further give a simple example to some “Na-Daan Dosts”…Your and my father may have some weaknesses in life (everybody has some dark spots in life), if some day somebody starts fighting with my father OR your father…And when we reach the fighting spot, he starts counting those weaknesses and entice us to beat our own father…Then what do we do??

Shall we start beating our own father???

NO buddy NO; we will resist that person who is trying to cash at that moment in a dirty manner…

Weaknesses can be dealt at some other time…Kon bewaqoof apne hee paoon pe kulhaari maarta hai???

Same is happening with our Forces…they are cornered from all corners…and enemy is trying to sell their MANJAN by counting their mistakes to entice us against our Mohsins/defenders!

It's up to us to decide where to stand…

I choose standing on Right side and shoot this article against anybody who is against my Pakistan and my beloved armed forced.

What will u choose, where do you stand???

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