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Politicized Policing in Pakistan

“Police”…..this word is considered as the source of safety and trust everywhere around the world. People feel safe when police is around. They consider them as their security force.In Pakistan the definition is entirely different. It is known as the most cru and corrupt agency of the system. They are not public servants but the servants of those who can pay them the money.

People of Karachi like me had high with the POLICE for the security of our loved ones. We all know that it has become a routine in Karachi that ‘UNKNOWN PEOPLE’ or “SADDA LIBASS wala” persons kidnap citizens of Karachi and after few days their tortured bodies are found. Their families go through mental torture and remain clueless about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

A common citizen used to go to police stations for their complaints and criminal reports, but for months and years the cases are kept unsolved.  The citizens wereastonished that how come some ’’unknown” or ‘saadda libas wala’ can come and take a person forcefully and the most powerful agency of a city remains clueless. But now we know the reason.

Few days back there was news on SAMMA TV along with a footage which showed the reality and revealed the suspense of those SAADA LIBAS WALA and UNKNOWN PEOPLE. Now it’s not a mystery any more. Because according to the footage it was our PUBLIC SERVANTS; THE POLICE; who were the SAADA LIBAS WALA UNKNOWN PEOPLE.

It clearly showed that they kidnap people and after wards their tortured bodies are found .They openly use weapons and shot people.

This news has been shown for a day only and afterwards it wasremoved. May be the police is scared that their remaining little prestige has been ended.

Are they not answerable to the families, mothers and especially to ALLAH? Poor innocent families of thevictims are unattended. They don’t know how to find their kidnapped family members. And I have also seen that whoever is raising the voice against them have suffered the consequence. Basically the Police in our country has been politicized and been used as an organized force for political victimization. This is what happening to the political party of Karachi. And we all know who is that affected one.

Whom to trust now?

How can I as a Pakistani trust our paid servants the POLICE. Yes they are our publicservants,they are being paid on our taxes.

They are not loyal to Pakistan or to their jobs. As a Muslimit’s their duty to earn HAQ HILAL .But instead they have turned into a tool for political repression.

What my government is doing? Where this country is heading towards? Whom to trust and whom to go for safety?

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