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The “Meers,” the ISI and GEO’s false hopes

Its not the politicians take on the matters that matters, its not the perception of the judiciary that matters, its not what a few media outlets portray, that matters. it is afterall, the voice of the common man, an average Pakistani, that matters. Its the voice of that 70% of the Paki population below the age of 30, that matters. It is called the voice of the youth!!

This is the youth, who has grown up watching "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"," Phantom, Captain Planet, Superman and the likes, yet it took out extra time to watch the Paki dubbed "Khul jaa Sim Sim" with pride.

This youth has seen all of the Indian soaps on Star plus with their moms,have been fans of Humsafar and Shehre Zaat too, still watches Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Sherlock…. but when it comes to their favourite TV shows, majority remembers "Alpha Bravo Charlie" as being one of the most intelligent plays every produced in Pakistan, and they feel proud about it as being a Pakistani product. The Youth loves Pakistan ARMY.

This youth definitely watches every new Bollywood movie, but rushes towards the cinema houses when WAAR is released, because afterall, It is one of the best Pakistani film ever produced!!  YES, we , the Youth of Pakistan, feel proud of being Pakistani, we live green, we think Green! and if at any time some BLUE coloured rebels stand up against the very essence of our patriotism, they should know our would-be response.

We, the Youth, didn't care when the judges were removed off their offices during the Musharraf Era, because afterall, what was the PCO-pe halaf-uthaney-wali judiciary doing anyway in the country?? regardless of what the GEO group constantly portrayed, the JUDGES movement was solely represented and supported by that media group (GEO TV) only, and some Anti Musharraf political parties, to build a strong case against the Ruler who gave them the necessary Freedom of Expression they themselves could never give to the nation since 60 years!!

The Youth never ever, truly cared about the 17th, 18th, 19th or the umptienth ammendants in the "Aaeen" because, for Heavens sake, all we care about is the country and its progress, whether this country flourishes under a Military ruler or a democracy,We are good with it!  the constant bombardement of news related to the Former Chief Justice, the Aaaen ke Usool and the Senate-ke-Ijlaases on GEO tv didnt really bother us, rather bored us, because at the end of the day, the poor still curses the govt and the rich continue raping them!!

The GEO group thinks it represents the Awaaz of the masses, but the social media stats say otherwise. At a website's page on facebook under the heading "Hamid Mir's brother blaims ISI for attack on MIR"… the most liked comments were "GEO sharam karo" and "Paid media terrrorists ko moqaa mil gaya Army ko badnaam karney ka"! With all due respect to the JOURNALISTS cause of Freedom of speech, the YOUTH is really not standing up for Hamid Mir because, the YOUTH hates him, literally!

Yes we condemn the attack on him, but we only condemn the attack! This just doesn't make him a bechaara for all of us, because afterall, he had been defaming ISI and the ARMY since the GEO tv was launched, and WE  the YOUTH think that, he has been continuing his Agenda-based programs only because of the Funding he is getting from his masters.

We liked Alpha Bravo Charlie and WAAR for a reason, we support every Pakistani product because of this hard core Patriotism we have for our motherland we have in our hearts!!! So yes GEO group, We have never stood up with you ever, not in your paid Lawyers movement to restore PCO judges, or your talk shows blaming ISI for every unrest in our country, or your constant AMAN KA TAMASHAA coverages…or your extra ordinary coverages of bollywood releases and ignoring Pakistani productions!

Whatever you say or do, has got nothing to do with the opinion of the YOUTH of this country. They DONT stand with you or your Anti Pakistan causes. All we care about is, the integrity of this nation! India got a chance to defame us because of you, so yes, your programs are definitely making the youth hate you even more now. and remeber, OUR opinion matters… no one cares about what your anchors say on TV to gains solidarity. Next time be more careful when you say "Poori Qaum humaarey saath khharri hui hai!!" LOL …

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