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Why I Want ‘The Crazy Ones’ To Get Axed!

The new comedy television series, ‘The Crazy Ones’ which made its debut last fall is struggling yet again with meager ratings. After the premiere episode accumulated over 15.51 million viewers on CBS last year, the ratings gradually plunged down the drain after a few episodes had been aired. I personally found all episodes of ‘The Crazy Ones’ to be rather bland in collision with other comedy shows such as the newbie ‘Mom’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ I tried not giving up on the show but ‘The Crazy Ones’ is simply uninteresting.

I solely watched the show for Sarah Michelle Gellar since I am a huge fan of hers and have been following her since I was seven years old. Undoubtedly, Gellar’s acting is amazing on ‘The Crazy Ones’ but despite that, the show is unappealing in so many ways. Firstly, Robin Williams is not a good actor in my opinion. His on-screen presence is somewhat mundane. Whenever I come across William’s acting on ‘The Crazy Ones’, all I see is him trying too hard to recall his lines from the script. His expressionless face throughout the mid season of the show has disappointed me as a fan. On the other hand, the show mainly takes place in the advertising agency ‘Roberts & Roberts’ which makes it rather less stimulating.

There were two or three episodes of ‘The Crazy Ones’ that I really enjoyed but the show stumbled badly after the fourteenth episode. Sadly, the show has not been able to please many fans. Maybe ‘The Crazy Ones’ would not have been that dull if the writers were cleverly selected for the show. Nevertheless, several guest appearances made by notable actors and musicians throughout the show have had a positive impact on the ratings. Unfortunately, the show lacks sugar, spice and everything nice!

Most recently, CBS cancelled several television shows from its lineup but has not yet declared whether ‘The Crazy Ones’ will get renewed or cancelled. CBS’s verdict for show will be announced in May, 2014. Even if ‘The Crazy Ones’ gets renewed for a second season, it will continue to struggle with ratings and eventually get axed by CBS sooner or later. We might as well just hope the show gets cancelled by the network this year. 

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