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‘Total Siyapaa’: A Total …?!?

Ali Zafar, Pakistan’s heartthrob, drop dead gorgeous artist took a raise in his career and started doing Bollywood movies since 2010. In the past his movie like ‘Chashme Baddoor’ ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ were a hit and people liked watching it again and again but his recent release ‘Total Siyapaa’ is a disaster. People from different religion fall in love but usually people raise eyebrows towards it especially when it involves India loving Pakistan and here it was the same seen in the movie. We have seen previous release in Bollywood with the similar story in ‘Veer Zaara’ ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and many more.

The director Eshvar Nivas tried putting a lot of humour and amusing incident in the movie but it couldn’t grab the audience’s attention. Rather than the only obvious thing was Pakistani boy Aman Ali (Ali Zafar) who is in love with the Indian girl Asha Singh played by Yaami Gautam. The Pakistani boy visits the Indian family in order to seek permission to marry her and the whole story rotates in the one night that they show. They have the same outfits through the movie with a single house that they shot in and nothing exciting for the viewers to watch on. However Aman’s plan to impress her family falls flat when Asha’s mother (Kirron Kher) discovers that he is a Pakistani. All this leads to unfortunate events for the good hearted Pakistani which makes the story more and more twisted.

Generally the meaning of Siyapaa is creating or getting into trouble which was clearly shown in the movie but it wasn’t very pleasing. The narration of the story was about the two different religions to fall in love but the screenplay doesn’t nourish the concept and plot much. Earlier this movie was named as ‘Aman ki Asha’ and before Ali Zafar could start shooting for the movie he said that he is doing this movie to finish the difference between the two bordered countries. But the movie was not very influential for the people. In the entire movie a total of only five minutes was seen where Indians and Pakistanis were in support of each other or else in the entire movie there was no hint of love or peace seen prominently.

When the promos of the film were aired it was shown that the movie will make u laugh and have a good time and initially, yes, the humour worked, especially when Ali meets his future mother-in-law but thereafter, a few irregular cases apart, several episodes were lame. The entire part involving Asha's hyper brother (Anuj Pandit) and the Pakistani neighbour doesn't work. The kanjoos brother-in-law's (Sagar Arya) sequences are far from entertaining. On the brighter side, the sequences involving Ali and Kirron Kher are hilarious and also the sequences involving Asha’s father (Anupam Kher) makes one laugh.

The curse of the second half was just dreadful it was dragged like many Hindi films. The soundtrack (Ali Zafar holds the additional responsibility of scoring the music) is decent. 'Palat Meri Jaan' and 'Nahi Maloom' are catchy compositions. Ali Zafar had proved himself in his previous ventures as a singer and actor and here he maintains it. He didn’t show anything new in his acting but he has the charisma and talent to carry off the part and also maintained his graph, did justice to his role but the selection and his purpose for the movie was not relatable.

Yami Gautam is easy on the eye and leaves an impact. But it is Kirron Kher who steals the show with an over the top act. She is terrific and reminded of her similar role in ‘Dostana’ which was commendable. Anupam Kher is fun to watch, but gets limited footage. The rest of the characters exactly knew their roles and acted well but due to the weak script and I guess the director’s justification to Siyapaa it was a total chaos.

On the whole, ‘Total Siyapaa’ is not very appealing and came across the screen as half baked. It is not recommended if you watch it, do it just for Ali Zafar and the acting of the stars in the movie which were worthy.  

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