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Worst Condition of female Education in Swat Kohistan

It is the height of selfishness for men, who fully appreciate in their own case the great advantage of a good education, to deny these advantages to women and girls. There is no valid argument by which the exclusion of the female sex from the privilege of education can be defended. It is argued that women have their domestic duties to perform and that, if they were educated, they would bury themselves in their books and have little time for attending to the management of their households. Of course, it is possible for females as it is for male to neglect work in order to spare more time for reading sensational novels.

But, according to higher conception of women’s sphere, women ought to be something more than a household drudge. She ought to be able not merely to nurse her husband in sickness but also to be his companion in health. For this part of her wifely duty, education is necessary, for there cannot be congenial companionship between an educated husband and an uneducated wife who can converse with her husband on no higher subject than cookery and servant’s wages.

I witness one of the case in our area, Swat Kohistan where an illiterate mother medicine her child with expired tablets and the baby child lost its life. Same cases repeat in some areas of upper Swat many times due to no Education for female .Also, one of a mother’s highest duties is the education of her children at the time when their mind is not amenable to instruction. A child’s whole future life, to a large extent, depends on the teaching it receives in early childhood and it is needless to say that this first foundation of education cannot be well laid by an ignorant mother. On all these grounds female education is a vital necessity.

But in our area of Kohistan which consists of three union councils having only one girl’s high school so far from the main Bahrain town. Beside these there are few nominal Girls middle schools, but the net of girls primary school (GPSs) spread over every village in the area but unfortunately most of the schools remain ghost throughout the year while in the rest of the Girls primary schools there is only one teacher for six class, our local government and education department of KP is responsible for the failure of education system in this region. Last time I just visited a girl primary school at Punkia village (A village near to the main Bahrain Town) and found closed, when I asked the local people about the school so they told me that the school remains closed most of the time but no one is here to ask the reason, and education department has not visited the school since last two years.

But Now I am hearing that KP government has appointed some M&E officer to Monitor the overall situations in the primary and High Schools around KP, This is the good act of the present PTI Government for promotion of education, the Monitoring and evaluation system should be more effective and strict for anyone including teachers and other supporting staff in the schools

But the most important thing is to appoint more female teachers of the primary schools and construct Girls middle schools in the remote areas, in swat Kohistaion the dropout rate of girl after class fife is 100 % because of no nearby girl’s middle schools,

After the work of some NGOs on female education now the People from the upper mountains area now try to send their girls even so far to get education and become teacher in their local schools, So it’s an open request from those who can awaken the sleeping government  and for those who can contribute for the noble movement

There are too many Malalas, only we have to find them out, they are covered somewhere in the rubble of ignorance and neglect, let’s hear them all together.

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