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Needs to Revitalize Relations with Neighbors and Regional Countries

Geopolitically Pakistan is one of the most important nations in this region but we could not get its maximum advantage. Pakistan needs to revitalize bilateral relations with neighbors and regional countries for peace, progress and prosperity of our people and also to play the decisive role in the region according to current regional and global scenario. 

Our diplomatic offices have a pivotal role and great responsibility in achieving objective of internal peace, progress and prosperity of the people of Pakistan. This is a very crucial time to strengthen and build our long term political, economic, social and cultural relationship with neighbors and regional countries including India, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and Central Asian Republics besides rest of the world. Also strongly address Pakistan’s agenda at multilateral forums. 

As Pakistan’s new government has formed, now there is a need to revive foreign policy beyond traditional way to achieve our objective with the mutual consent of all stakeholders, which must be in Pakistan’s best interest and that will benefit the people as well. Government should make strenuous efforts for getting regional cooperation for peace and progress, enhance strong diplomatic relations with primary focus on neighbors by resolving all disputes with regional countries. Unless region is peaceful, our efforts for growth and development will not be succeeded.

Pakistan has paid a heavy price as yet due to our major role in US-led war against terrorism which has imposed on us. It has adversely affected our economy, law and order condition has destabilize our country besides lost of lives and with the passage of time the situation is more critical. Pakistan has been facing internal and external threat from extremist groups along with many other challenges including severe economic hardships.   

It is now the responsibility of the new government to make the World understand about our sovereignty, sacrifices and difficulties in war against terrorism. Threat of cross-border intrusion of militants in our KPK province in search of safe heaven as a result of targeted operations launched by US and coalitions forces. Adopt joint strategy to save our nation from militant’s infiltration from large western borders with Afghanistan. Our military and security agencies have a key role to stop infiltration of militants. Further steps should be taken to block financing to terrorist groups from other countries.   

Make strategies to emphasize on developing regional consensus on afghan peace and stability as our stability is also linked with the stable Afghanistan. Pakistan has to play an effective role in the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan and to help resolve the differences between Afghan government and Taliban and also tried to resolve the disputes through meaningful negotiations among the United States, Afghan government and Taliban to restore peace in the region because countries cannot work on development unless there is complete peace. 

To boost our slowdown economy, it should be foreign policy’s priority agenda to create feasible environment for foreign investment which is imperative for economic growth and development. Also adopt open door policy to neighbors, give easy access to them and remove trade barriers. In addition, our law enforcement agencies have a vital role in improving law and order condition in the country as it is directly linked with foreign investment to achieve sustain economic growth.

Improve bilateral relations with India by resolving major issues including the core issue of Kashmir according to UN resolutions. Initiate dialogue process which has been suspended since Mumbai attack in 2008 for the peace and stability in the region. Facilitate economic cooperation between the two nations, adopt policy to declare India as a favorite nation to fulfill our domestic needs because without economic cooperation with each other, we cannot achieve our goals.    

Strengthen long term friendly relations with China, an emerging super power and a significant economic partner. Since handover of Gwader port operations to China. There is a need to get assistance in other sectors, for instance, energy, development of infrastructure, oil & gas exploration, and internal/external road links etc.

Iran and Pakistan has deep Islamic and cultural relations. Strengthen these bilateral relations towards economic development. Due to increased internal consumption of gas, we should continue negotiation process for immediate completion of Iran Pakistan gas pipeline project as it has already too late. Even invite India again in this project which had rejected IPI project due to US pressure.  

In fact, we will have to face multiple challenges when United Sates and coalition forces would withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014 and thereafter. Pakistan has already been facing terror threat from western borders so it should be tackled diplomatically establish good relations and trust with Afghanistan and US to restore peace and stability in the region. For this purpose, all the political parties, military leadership and other stakeholders need to be on same page to resolve the differences with US, particularly counter terrorism strategies including US drone attacks on the suspected hideouts of militants. It must be stopped immediately as we cannot ignore collateral damages which have a negative impact on the people of tribal areas. 

Pakistan needs to revitalize relations with neighbors by appropriate shift in foreign policy for peace, stability, progress and prosperity of the people of Pakistan and the region as well. For this purpose, all political parties, army and other stakeholders should be on same page. Without good relations and cooperation from all concerns, we cannot achieve our main objectives.

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