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Pakistan or Bakistan

It takes a lot of time and mistakes for geographical change. It never happens instantly or without a reason. Pakistan is standing at the verge of breaking down for many reasons. Several of our own mistakes have made us stand here at this point without any hopes for a constructive change. This nation has struggled for democracy and yet it stands doomed to failure with the political system and look towards the Armed Forces for another ride of adventure.

The Zia ul Haq’s era was without a doubt the downfall for Pakistan. We adopted extremism instead of enlightenment. Our Madarasah’s (earlier known for producing prominent clerics) produced Jehadi Human Resource. Our ambition to conquer the world with a sword and a shield was far above the ground. We adventured proxy wars. We had dreams to take control of our neighbors with our so called Islamic Warfare, which certainly had nothing to do with Islam.

Today we are standing at same bridge and confused how to cross it. Nawaz Sharif, the proud claimer of Zia’s legacy, is our ruler. We are blessed with unknown wealth (as a gift) from our brother Muslim counties for forbidden reasons. Our economy is still a disaster. Education remains rare in our land. People die of hunger.

Health care is still for the privileged. We enjoy the status of a nation with nuclear power and still we don’t have sufficient resources to operate our looms. We are selling our assets to manage our day to day affairs. Our leaders have gone insanely rich but we still remain under the line of poverty. Once the largest exporter of hundreds of different products, our businessmen face extortion, kidnappings. We used to be religious, and now we have started to walk on the path of extremism. Suicide is still Haram but Bomb Blasts in the name of religion are Halal. Osama Bin Laden is a martyr but Fiza Malik is an honor-less dead. To cut it short, we lack all the basic ingredients required to rule the world.

I have no doubts that this recipe of disaster was created outside Pakistan. I can believe the arguments that the International powers don’t want us to survive as the ONLY Muslim Nuclear power.

But why don’t the people who present these arguments realize that we are fulfilling the agenda of the west? We are killing our own people for the sake of Islam? This country is uniquely fighting for “Which version of Shariah” will be implemented. The state has lost all its sanity and begging like a coward. The brave sons are being trialed as “Traitor” for giving this country education, health, infrastructure and an enlightened positive image around the globe.

I don’t know how much time we need to realize the un-needed kindness of Saudi Arabia. But we need to address it now. We cannot release terrorists related to ban outfits for the sake of friendship. We cannot let extremism to prevail and enlightenment to die mercy-less in bomb blasts. We don’t need anyone’s fatwa for knowing whether killing a human is Haram or not because we know it is. But firstly we need to choose between Pakistan or Bakistan.

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